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imageA question I’m often asked is how I connect with my Guides or the Spirit people. I believe we all have six psychic senses – to feel, see, hear, smell, taste or know energy information. Because I also believe that we have to understand that we are energy beings rather than human beings getting the connection going at the right speed to make sense of the information we are receiving is critical. The more we make sense of the info the more confident we feel. As we get more confident connecting becomes easier and we can actually speed up our development process. So it doesn’t, in the end, matter which way we perceive the energy info through our intuitive psychic senses. What really matters is being able to process it faster.

The starting point is to work out which way you process the energy information. Are you strongest at seeing, hearing, sensing? Or there might be two or three ways you can ‘translate’ the energy information. Your Guides will have been trying to point you in the right direction most of your life. We often dismiss the gut or instinct feelings we have about things because we have learned to doubt the information. Perhaps it doesn’t always come in clear and understandable. Sometimes the speed that the info flows is to slow or too fast. Sometimes our rational brain tells us it can’t be correct. Lots of things get in the way so we wander along wondering if there is anyone there. All around us there are signs happening to tell us to pay attention to the intuitions but it’s almost easier at times to ignore the signs too.

If you do start to notice the tingles, flashes of light, orbs, objects turning up in places they couldn’t or shouldn’t be, the way in which other people often say the very things you were thinking about you can acknowledge them. If you do take notice the frequency of signs picks up speed. Having got your attention the Guides are delighted to keep your interest going. They hope that they will be able to direct you to the people, places and resources that will help you understand some more. So you might find you discover a group who enjoy investigating the paranormal, or a local Spiritualists church, or a book full of useful info or a class where you can go to practice connecting. Each step forward you take will help you by making sure you are learning the how to of communicating.

At some point you will find that you need to speed up your personal energy vibration so that the connection is easier. This is how it works. For those of you old enough to remember 45rpm (revolutions per minute) records you might also remember how slow they sounded when played only at 33rpm. Or how squeaky and fast they sounded at 78rpm. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about here is an example of the speed slowed down to 33. And here is an example of the speed at 78. Imjagine that your vibration is 33rpm and that of your Guides is 78rpm. The only way to connect and talk is  for you to speed up and them to slow down. When you meet in the middle at 45 the exchange of info is amazing. You can get clear, accurate and complete conversations.

To raise your vibrations you can start to pay attention to the energy flowing through your aura. Are you a positive person most of the time? Do you feel that you love yourself? Are you holding on to any negative, fearful or sad emotions? Do you let go of the thoughts and feelings that reduce your energy? Look out for ways to feel positive (count your blessings no matter how small) or to encourage positive thought patterns (affirmations and mindfulness can help). Remember to ask your Guides to give you hints & tips too. Open up to the love and healing energy are always beaming at you. Meditate and find some inner peace. As you take these steps you will be clearing away the energy clutter that has held your vibration at 33rpm. Soon you will notice that your intuition is coming through stronger and you are trusting it more. Finally you will be part of a much more detailed conversation with the Guides who can help you much more. One way or another you will have bridged the gap in being able to communicate.

Day 167 of my blogging challenge.

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