Speaking the Language of Love & Peace

It’s been a strange day. I woke up early speaking to someone who wasn’t there. I’d been dreaming about blissful loving energy being placed in my root chakra. I guess I was asking why.

Through my usual kind of day I felt a thread of energy winding it’s way into my consciousness. Speaking to people I found my words seemed to calm and reassure. Violent acts, the fear of aggression or war, wobble root chakra. That’s the energy centre dealing with my basic needs. The place where I feel safe and secure. Or the  place where I feel frightened or abandoned. I felt as if I had been given some extra energy to help me stand steady against the waves of uncertainty and fear created by the bomb blast in Manchester.

And also to help process the waves of grief from that event. I found myself sending out love and healing energy on a constant basis. Fuelled, I feel, by the loving energy I received in my dream. As I was getting ready to go and do a service I felt guided to pick up some tea light candles. I took them with me knowing that with each message I also had to offer a candle. My Guides explained that it was the light of hope. That is what had gone out of my part of the world on Monday. Hope had been dimmed. So speaking for the Spirit people tonight I also had to rekindle hope.

As I worked I also thought about the conversation I had with someone today. It’s easy when grieving or shocked to say harsh words.

Fearful or hate-filled words. It’s a reaction to what has happened. But it is also sending out energy that is the wrong vibration. Angry, violent or abusive comments create more of the same energy. So although it’s really difficult I know it’s important to watch how I am speaking. To consider my words carefully. And to make sure that in honouring my feelings I’m not creating more misery. I know it’s difficult. We all want solutions. Speaking out about what has happened is important. As is trying to prevent it happening again. But in speaking about acts of terrorism or aggression I feel we have to be very careful not to make the situation worse.

Thus I have to find loving and peaceful words with which to discuss and build a solution. Talking about a ‘war’, ‘segregation’, ‘sending people back’ or ‘it’s their fault’ continues the wobble in root chakra. It’s only when I start to talk about forgiveness, understanding and compassion that the best of me can be expressed. If I can speak of hope I can hold the idea that peaceful solutions are possible. Because unless I can dream that vision I have very little chance of manifesting it. Of making it so. The language I use right now is vital. Even in grief I have to find the power of hope so I can create a positive future. The big challenge is for me not just to say it once but for me to keep changing what I say until I express love and peace in all my words.

Day 548 of my blogging challenge 

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