Spam Emails: Cutting Out The Static

spam emailsToday I switched my main computer back on. I admit I was dreading it. My email accounts have been ‘down’ for over two weeks. It was the thought of all those spam emails funnelling onto my screen once I reconnected.

Of course I have a very powerful junk mail filter to help me. So I knew quite a bit would end up in there. I never bother searching my junk mail either because it can take forever. Anyone who really wants me will try a different method. But there are still those spam emails that sneak through the best of defences. Messages that turn out to be phishing expeditions from banks I’ve never had an account with. Or messages from PayPal, Amazon, Apple and all sorts of other well known brands seemingly suspending my account or needing security verification. All tempting me to click the link they provide. Plus an endless supply of lottery winners, relatives of wealthy deceased people and other random chancers who are offering me a share of a massive fortune. If only I will sort out the bank transfer arrangements for them.

Email spam comes in all shapes and sizes. Some it is really, really convincing. But I have learned not to be tempted. I don’t follow the links they provide. And never get excited about sharing a whopping fortune. I understand that I can’t get something for nothing. So when I eventually turned on my machine I zipped through the emails as fast as I could. All the spam consigned to the trash as quickly as possible. The energy it generates is uncomfortable. Because it highlights the worst side of human behaviour. Greed, arrogance, bad choices and a hardness of heart. This type of spam is targeting the most vulnerable people. People who aren’t very savvy, who are trusting of what they are told and unthinking in responding. I could say they deserve all they get but it’s sad one of our greatest resources is being used to rob people.

This isn’t a blog only about spam emails though. It’s about the choices we make. Decisions to link to and follow connections that are going to be bad for us. It’s the same in all sorts of life issues.

When I started learning how to connect to Energy Beings I came across my fare share of those who had their own reasons for wanting the connection. Some Energy Beings are still operating from lower vibrational levels. So they aren’t exactly reliable or trustworthy. I find they can be interesting to talk to but I don’t follow up their suggestions. Instead I run things by the Guides I can really trust. The ones I know so well that it’s unmistakable that they have my best interests at heart. As I know how awful it is to lose someone I take great care in giving messages too. Bereaved people are vulnerable. It’s very important not to take advantage by encouraging them to become dependent on getting messages.

That’s why I work hard to cut out the static in the links. I expect evidence, confirmations and accurate information. Just like dealing with junk emails I want to sort out the ‘stray random’ visitors who are hoping for any kind of connection from their side of life. I feel the people on this side of life and their departed loved ones deserve that kind of care and attention. I will only use a connection when I am sure that I have a good, clear link. It was my decision to work this way. If it takes slightly longer for the connection to build, or the Spirit person to be able to give their message, I feel that it’s worth it. To make sure, as best I can, that the message will be ‘read and understood’ by the recipient. I want to avoid any chance of spam messages too. Otherwise I’m lost in low vibrations as well.

Now that I have cleared out all the wrong sorts of emails I can catch up on those I need to pay attention to. Exactly like making sure I pay attention to the messages my Guides send my way. Rather than all of the static from the other energy currents in this great ocean of energy we call  reality. Do you make sure a message is a good connection? Or are you buying into the spam?

Day 770 of my blogging challenge

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