Space In My Diary For Me Instead Of Spirit

Lots of spaceI’ve had a sort of day off today. I say sort of because I know that Spirit people are never far away. But it was time for me to have some space for me.

I love my connections with Energy Beings. And I love helping people connect in any way I can. But I also have my own life to balance against the needs of others. Because that’s what the Energy Beings are. Other people who have a need to get messages across. The same need as me and all of the people who are physically here on the planet. So sometimes I have to put a space in my diary that marks out my boundaries. Otherwise I would be recieveing communications all of the time. Even when I was asleep. My Guides have always been clear that I had this choice. It’s up to me how much or how little Spirit communication I do.

My Guides have also been quick to prompt me when I’ve actually made space in my diary. They remind me to take time out. Because it’s true. So much can pass by when I’m not noticing it. Due to having my head stuck in my work. Or my focus on things that turn out not to be that important in the end. I’ve been fortunate to spend my day with my family. Catching up, laughing and sharing how we all are at the moment. They are the people who anchor me into my life. They remind me of belonging, shared experiences and the warmth of love. I know they also help me to stay grounded. They know where I’ve come from. So they are also there when things get a bit tough. A reminder of the way all of us have weathered life’s storms. And still stand strong.

I’m looking forward to the next family event. It’s already taking up space in my diary. Time for me to enjoy a break from working for others. And notice all of the things happening in my family instead.

Day 683 of my blogging challenge 

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