Space Clearing

IMG_1254One of the questions I was asked today was about space clearing – a way of making somewhere have a better energy feel and flow. I feel that space clearing is necessary simply because we generate and transmit lots of low level emotional vibrations in our living & working spaces. Places can become ‘full’ of energy – nice if the energy is positive but not so helpful if the energy is negative.

Low level energy that has collected in a place can lower our mood, affect us longer term by giving us exposure to feelings that are sad, depressed, angry or even fearful. Sometimes, if you are energy sensitive, this exposure to low energy can lead to disturbed sleep or symptoms of ill health. There are some places that ‘hold’ the energy more than others e.g hospitals. schools, war zones because negative events have happened there more frequently or there has been a more powerful discharge of low level feelings.

It is also possible for grounded Spirits (those who have not yet moved into the Light of the Spirit World) to stay attached to a place they have known in their life. Space clearing can help to assist these Spirits to move into the Spirit World but this kind of clearing is best carried out by an experienced person who understands what can & can’t be achieved by communicating with the grounded Spirit. Grounded Spirits usually move on when they are ready to leave Earthly things behind so unless you feel they are a particular issue to you asking them not to disturb you will alert them to the need to respect your space.

To clear a space you might want to burn sage (a good cleansing herb) or place smokey quartz and amethyst crystals by the door(s)and window(s). An orange candle or cushions will also radiate uplifting energy. Another method that is used is to sprinkle salt water all around the room to ‘gather’ the negativity. What matters most is what you intend. If you intend for the space to have neutral (clear) energy all the methods reinforce that intention because they are physical activities backing up what you wish to have happen.

Once a space is clear you can add positive touches to the space to energise it with the feelings you would like. I am a fan of Feng Shui as I have found that careful balancing of a room does create a very positive energy space. Quick ways of changing energy in any space are: clear the clutter; discard anything that is full of ‘old’ energy; clean any crystals in the room (either with sun or moon charging or running water depending on the type of crystals you have); add scent to the room (bergamot & ylang ylang are two of my favourites for an uplifting atmosphere) by using candles or oil warmers; and, add some comfy cushions or a throw in a bright colour.

Being sensitive to your own energy vibration and to the energy in places you spend time in can help you to create a positive bubble of energy around yourself. If you radiate positive energy you & everyone around you feels the benefit. Take a look at your space today with clear eyes. Is your space in need of an energy boost? Give it & yourself a treat and change your energy environment into a sunny space!

Day 54 of my blogging challenge.

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