Is It More In Sorrow Than In Anger?

A couple of my conversations today turned out to be about anger. And how negative that emotion can be.

I do believe that anger serves a purpose. It is a store of energy that can be put to good use. For instance, if there was an injustice happening then feeling anger might get me to become involved in some form of peaceful protest. I would be turning the energy into an action. So long as I thought about it carefully my action would be a measured response. Because the point is not to aim the anger energy at anyone, even myself, but to do things to change the status quo. That’s the point. Anger turned inwards can become depression. Whilst anger turned at others can become aggression. Whether attacking self or others anger can set up a negative cycle of ever increasing energy. Feeling wronged becomes the justification for ever more attacks. Yet it’s going nowhere. Nothing changes.

During my discussions it highlighted for me the need to step out of the anger/blame game.  My energy is precious. I have lots to get on with in my life. So getting sidetracked by anger is a distraction. A long time ago I learned that releasing anger as quickly and finally as possible was important. That’s when I discovered how useful it could be in reshaping my life. Later I realised that I didn’t want to carry any stuck negative energy from others either. This was about the time my Guides really came on board with me. They helped me to strengthen my own aura enery whilst I learned the discipline of cleaning and protecting my own energy system from the energy of others. They also helped me to think more carefully about the energy exchange that might be taking place.

If I responded with anger would I be responding appropriately? Or would it mean my positive energy would be traded for negative energy? Also, what was happening for the other person?

That’s when I rembered something a lovely friend, Mary, told me many years ago. She reminded me that anger comes when I take things personally. Therefore I had to step out of the events and consider the big picture. In that way I would learn to respond to anger with an attitude of ‘more in sorrow than in anger’. It was a way of staying out of the anger/blame game. Her wise words have come back to me many times. So as I worked through my lessons about energy with my Guides I reminded myself often that there is another side to anger. It’s about someone becoming stuck. Going round and round in a negative spiral. Feeling that the world is at fault. When really there is an inner gap that is never filled.

I know this is true because at times certain times in my life I have been an angry person. When grief has hit me, when life has disappointed me or when I’ve felt like I’ve let myself down. The emotion has given me energy. But it has sometimes taken away my clarity. I’ve been blind to the truth of a situation, or a person or an issue. Looking at the big picture I know that it’s sad to be stuck in anger to the point that moving on becomes difficult or impossible. So when I encounter anger nowadays I think about the energy. Do I want to engage in an exchange that might be even more harmful? Or that may feed someone’s stuckness? Or can I let any feelings I have go so that I can move on? Even if they can’t.

There are events happening in the world today based on so much anger. So much blame. And not much sorrow that it’s got to posturing and aggression. It’s time to step back from the negative impact of our anger and make it work for us. Time to turn the energy into peaceful action for change.

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2 thoughts on “Is It More In Sorrow Than In Anger?

  1. I’ve been working with my angry aspect for some time and have come to realise that it’s an aspect that protects me and at times others, although not always in a way that I would like as this can sometimes be controlling.
    By working with this part I’ve come to recognise that my nurturing aspect and my angry part can have a conversation and work out a way forwards which is productive as my angry aspect has some great skills too!
    I’ve had to learn how to discern where and how to use these energies which are a part of my life as otherwise I can get overwhelmed with causes and to remember that there are other aspects which deserve as much time and expression and bring me joy and contentment and can be as productive in different ways.
    I’m looking forwards to joining you in circle again and developing my conscious awareness of all that is and all that will be and all that is to come.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with anger Neti. It’s only when we start to understand the interplay of our feelings that we find the peace at the heart of ourselves. I look forward to sharing more energy with you soon 💜

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