Songs: A Day Of Inspiration To Uplift My Energy

songsThere has been a lot of music today. Songs that have meaning for me. All the tunes that inspire and uplift me. And all of them containing messages for me from my Guides.

I love using my clairaudience. Very often when I am giving people messages their loved ones start to sing songs that have significance for the person here. Sometimes if I have a group of Spirit people they will break into a chorus of something that connects them back to the people left behind here. It’s a delight to pass these tunes on. Although when the get me singing a song the person having a reading might not quite appreciate my unique style of singing. I’m a bit like Pierce Brosnan in Mama Mia! But willing to give it a go. It’s just the voices in my head sound so much better at it than me. However, I also love getting my own messages through music. With or without the clairaudience. Sometimes my Guides pack my day with significant songs. Like today.

I woke from a rather strange dream of having a lion biting my head and another biting my feet. It left me wondering. And feeling a little bit flat. Because I couldn’t quite grasp what the point of the dream was meant to be. Every explanation I thought of seemed a bit wide fo the mark. I felt I was in need of a boost. Which came along very quickly this afternoon with several songs I listened to whilst at a cafe with my friend. All of the favourites my Guides use to reassure me. The ones that get me laughing at my illusions. Toe tapping numbers that make me feel life is ok. And heart warming words to lift my Spirit. I even ended the day watching Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. There is certainly a message for me in the title alone.

If you are having an off day try to notice the songs that pop into your head. Or that are playing somewhere around you. Like me you might find that your Guides are letting you know that, underneath it all, everything is going to be ok.

Day 989 of my blogging challenge

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