Somebody replaces Nobody

imageIt was a typical day at the drop in. Somebody called in for a reading. Clients were having massage & reflexology treatments. Someone wanted some quiet time. The meditation group went out the door filled with peace. Practitioners caught up with one another. Children sang, meditated and celebrated a birthday. Mums enjoyed a relaxed cuppa. No one went away without some lift in their energy. Time passed me by in a blur because all these lovely people were popping in and out to share in the warmth of the Centre experience.┬áIn one moment of the day a lovely friend shared a Mr Men story. The story of Mr Nobody who couldn’t remember who he was or where he was from or what he should be doing. He was a blank. Mr Happy took him along to see the Wizard who turned him a yellow colour so that he became a Somebody. The hole in his middle was filled. Although the story was told to illustrate a different point it hit home to me that we all suffer at some time in our life from being Mr Nobody. Especially when we first hit the planet by being born.

As Spirit beings we communicate through exchanges of energy. We translate energy into it’s meanings and know information without spoken word, sight or sound. This makes perfect sense when we remember that a Spirit has no physical body so no mouth, eyes or ears with which to communicate thoughts and feelings. Yet the Spirit World is far from quiet. The energy flows here, there and everywhere to be ‘read’ by any Spirit as necessary. It’s only when our Spirit takes on a physical body that we get the apparatus for sight, hearing and speech in the way we human beings understand it. So a new born baby will still be communicating mainly on a Spirit frequency through vibrational energy. A baby is expecting that the people around will pick up & pay attention to the energy broadcast she is making. After all we all have intuitive senses that ‘read’ this energy all the time. Sadly most of us have forgotten how to access, process and respond to intuitive communications so the baby’s efforts at first contact go mostly unnoticed. Bit by bit the psychic senses of the baby then toddler sieze up. The small child struggles to learn the language of the alien planet she’s found herself on. The Spirit within keeps encouraging communication through intuitive channels but as the child grows and intuitive experiences are denied the psychic senses eventually close down almost completely.

Most of us are completely unaware of this process taking place. We can’t remember it from our own childhood. Our imaginary friends are long gone – after all we were told that they weren’t real. In a human sense we have become Mr Nobody. We have no idea who we really are, where we are from and what we should be doing. Our minds are a blank concerning our Spiritual purpose. There might be vague random thoughts or feelings that somehow we are missing a key part of our lives. There might be a deeper sense of unease, loss or depression that it hard to pin down to any rational reason. We may search and search and search but never really fill the empty space within us. You see, we don’t know what is missing so we don’t know where to find it. That is when we need a Mr Happy. Someone who sees through the masks we wear in the world. Someone who is brave enough to identify us as a Mr Nobody and who is willing to help us find the inner wizard who will show us we have been Mr Somebody all along.

It might take a Unicorn wand. It might be a pair of listening ears. Or the offer of a cup of tea. Perhaps it is the gentle energy of acceptance. Or the feeling of being home. Of belonging. Whatever it is that helps us find our self, our colour, our connection isn’t really important. It’s that we reconnect with our Spirit self. And from that inner connection we can find the outer connections to other Spirits both physical and not. The life we live can become more meaningful, richer and more joyful. Every week I watch people make this joyful discovery. They find there are new choices about how life is lived. They realise that they are Somebody who counts. They set off on a great adventure leaving Nobody behind. I wish that we never had to experience the life of Nobody. Until we become Somebody we don’t actually know that we are missing out. So if, every day, I can help Somebody replace Nobody I will be Ms Happy ?

Day 115 of my blogging challenge.

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