Sing As You Go Along

Today I started singing Christmas songs. Lots of inspired words about this winter season and what it means. Not in a religious way. But in the reminder that love is with us, leaves us and returns to us. A seasonal song can have all of these meanings.

I love to sing. I also love it when I listen to other people sing. There is something about turning your mind to music that somehow makes me feel better. Whether the song is a sad one or a glad one. Even the songs that make me cry put me in touch with the world of feelings. As I wandered around today doing little tasks tunes kept popping in my head. At the local market I was singing about the chestnuts roasting by an open fire. Driving along to pick up my aunt I had driving home for Christmas in my mind. And as I put the last few finishing touches to my Winter decorations I couldn’t help a rousing chorus of deck the halls with boughs of holly.

I know I have a song for every occasion. I am I  awe of the people who are inspired to write lyrics and music. To find a way of expressing something in such a lyrical manner. Perhaps it was the influence of my musical family. So many different musical genres and tastes. Or that singing was also seen as the thing to do after a busy or stressful day. All I am sure of is that songs have got me through many difficult days. Either played at top volume in the car or sung quietly in my mind. There are words and music for every occasion. You only have to start the song going and plug into the release of feeling you get.

Best of all today my daughter sang her way through the day too. It’s taken her a long time to find her voice so it was a pleasure to listen to song after song. I hope you enjoy singing this holiday time. To what ever tune takes your fancy. If you do I know you will feel your energy lift. Sing as you go!

Day 403 of my blogging challenge. 

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