Shifting Childhood Fears

img_2342One of the things I’ve learned as a counsellor and healer is that our childhood experiences often stay deeply buried. Sometimes those experiences have created fears that end up driving our adult lives.

When I look at the world as an energy environment one of the strongest energies is our emotions. Every day what we feel is radiated out into the communal ocean of energy. So what I feel in any given moment also washes over anyone who happens to be around me. That’s lovely if the energy is love or joy. Not so nice if I’m angry or upset. And if I am afraid then the fear washes out to join all the other emotions around me. Learning about my intuition through my psychic senses opened my mind to the impact of a childhood spent in the energy of others.

That’s a point I try to make in all of my healing when it becomes necessary to clear deeply stuck energy. The energy may manifest as phobias, panic attacks, irrational bouts of fear where the cause is unknown or self-beliefs that don’t fit the reality of the person in front of me. Where do children learn that they are lazy, stupid, annoying, powerless or insignificant? It may not be because they are told that every day. But sometimes there is that kind of energy around them. They sense it and start to believe it. Because small children don’t have a rational thought process. They can’t check if what they sense is correct or the truth. Early childhood is a place not held in cognitive memory. I remember snippets from smells, sounds, senstaions.These are the prompts that make me react in all sorts of ways without quite knowing why.

Childhood reminders are everywhere. But I know that they are not open to rational exploration. The stuck energy has to be re-experienced in some way for the release to take place.

When I’m working with the difficult childhood times that others are stuck with it’s important to find a balance. Too much re-experiencing can be as traumatic as too little. Creating a safe way for the energy to be cleared may involve me in calling a halt to the healing work of a session if necessary. I may also have to highlight the precious, positive childhood times too so that there is an appreciation of that same balance. Nothing is black and white. Especially where feelings are concerned. And helping someone to recognise that the stuck energy may not even be theirs is also a positive.

We all swim in that shared ocean of feelings. Sometimes the energy we get stuck with is actually from the emotions of someone else. When we are small we don’t know the difference between our emotions and the emotions of others. We haven’t learned that skill yet as it comes along when we are able to think. Childhood, as I’ve said, isn’t about thinking it’s about feeling. Working through issues as an adult by checking out who the feelings actually belong to often clears stuck energy almost miraculously. Once I know it’s not my feelings I can choose not to be swayed by them. Whatever the feelings are. And whenever they originated.

So although I am influenced by my childhood I can release the fears through understanding how that energy got stuck there. And whose energy it really was to start with. Then I can try to radiate positive energy to all of the children I come in contact with. That is one way to change their future.

Day 367 of my blogging challenge. 

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