A Sharp Shift in the Weather

imageI’ve been back home for two days and I already have a head cold. Today there has been a sharp shift in the weather. The season is changing and so am I. There has been an energy upgrade again.

Along with having to put my central heating on again I’ve felt colder too. Of course I’ve been somewhere that was a lot warmer so I expected to have to adjust. I guess that I also forgot that when I get away I often have an energy upgrade. My teachers take the opportunity to shift my personal vibration level up another notch. So long as I am prepared to do the energy clearing work necessary for it to happen. Sometimes it takes me a little while to notice that it’s happened. But when it’s a significant shift there are things that clue me in.

One of them is a cold. It seems a bit mad to get an ‘illness’ when you have moved to a clearer vibration. Yet that sudden shift knocks the aura and immune system out of balance for a little while. I have to adjust, energetically and physically, to the increased flow of energy. Once I am back in balance, usually after about 24-48 hours, everything will settle down. Another thing is my ability to connect. After an energy upgrade I can connect better and more strongly. Yet it’s as if the shift has switched my usual ways of connecting. It feels different. Almost like I don’t know what I’m doing. Or how I’m doing it.

I’ve done two church services and they went well. However, I felt a bit disorientated. I was working but not in my usual format. My directional compass was off in some way. Like the wind had changed suddenly.

It’s a really strange feeling to give messages but also notice that I’ve been set to deliver things in a different way. I know it will settle down in a few days. While it lasts it’s almost like trying to feel a tooth that’s not there anymore. Odd. Something is missing but I don’t know what. Of course, since I’ve had a lot of upgrades over the years I know what is missing. Some of the vibrational energy that was holding me down has been released. Stuck and blocked stuff has been poked and prodded until the shift happened. New, more positive energy has taken it’s place.

An upgrade also brings a clearer sense of purpose. Eventually. I’ve had a couple of nights waking up repeatedly as if I’ve forgotten to do things. Then today my mind has been almost blank. All the overthinking has suddenly stopped. I feel more able to go with the flow. Also more trusting that underneath it all everything is right for me in my world. An upgrade usually brings with it a sense of peace. Something new is happening. It will unfold, like me, in it’s own good time. I’m ready to notice what I’ve been thinking, reading, hearing and seeing from a more detached point than ever before.

The weather shifts and reminds us of the ebb and flow of our lives. New conditions need new responses. Nothing stays still forever.

Neither do I. I love that we evolve and change. Finding the wisdom in every stage of life. Enjoying the journey. Being ready for all circumstances. Each upgrade brings so much more of life’s experiences into alignment. Because each upgrade opens me up to loving myself and others more unconditionally than before. That’s the gift that this shift brings. A new way of loving all that is around, within, above, below. I wish you enjoyment of your upgrades too.

Day 316 of my blogging challenge.

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