Setting The Record Straight: Does It Matter?

SettingI know we often make a point about setting the record straight. We all want our version of the truth to be recognised. And that can be complicated when even the facts are in dispute.

I’ve spent a lot of my time helping the underdogs who are hoping that setting the record straight will finally get their injustices acknowledged. But I know as a species we are very good at ignoring anything that we don’t want to see. Or interpreting our actions as a justified response to what the other person or side has done. Or even not done. Because we are also easily influenced by the tittle tattle and gossip spread by other people. Those who have a vested interest in hiding part, or even all, of the truth. And if the outcome is something we desire, if it’s on our agenda, then we are much less likely to want anyone setting the record straight. For a long time I have felt that it mattered. That all of us deserve to be heard. Whether right or wrong.

I believe that only when differences are aired will there be a chance of moving forward. I also know that to do that requires a better way of communicating. It also means I have to be prepared to be open, flexible and prepared to take a different view of things. Yet I have also recognised, with the help of my Guides, that setting the record straight may not always be as important as I think. Or feel. In life sometimes the most important thing is to have the experience. Then move on. I sometimes try to explain that to the people I help. Being heard is important. But not at the expense of the rest of my life. I also know that time and karma have a way of bringing around the right opportunity to be heard. This gives me a different way of dealing with injustice.

Setting the record straight is never an issue for the Guides. They can see the bigger picture. Unlike us they are sure that everything will turn out for the best. For my spiritual evolution. And for the spiritual evolution of all those who have crossed my path. If you are burning to set the record straight think about what it will achieve. Then move forward as if it has been achieved.

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