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imageWhat a hot day! The sun shone in a bright blue sky reminding me of the light that is all around us if we look. I spent the morning doing a Reiki attunement for someone who had recognised that desire to be of service to others by bringing through Universal healing energy. It’s not the only way we can be of service. There are lots of things we can do or say to support other people who cross our path. I attended a meeting this evening to be the voice for micro businesses like my own. Not because I had been elected to do so, or even asked to do so. I went because I was prepared to offer my experiences post-flooding to a group who might be able to offer support to others like me. So in case there was no one else at the meeting to speak for us I made sure I was. Sending information back out to those who couldn’t attend will be a positive outcome from going as well.

Practical action is really rewarding because we can feel like we are ‘doing’ something. What about when we are a long way from the events that are affecting people? In Reiki there is a way in which I can send healing energy to anyone or anywhere on the planet. All it really takes is for the intention to send the healing and the Universal energy will go out through me, the focus, to wherever it is needed. During the recent flooding in Europe I sent love and healing energy to the people affected, those in surrounding areas and all the people working to rescue or support others. After all I know what it feels like – I was in those circumstances not too long ago. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy might appear pointless. Especially when we have no way, as yet, to measure if it works or not. Yet if we consider the world to be one of energy then sending loving energy to one another boosts the positive flow around us. When we can feel more positive, uplifted or powerful we feel able to persevere through tough challenges and to take action.

My healing purpose is sending as much loving energy as I can. Whether it’s a Facebook post that gets my attention, or someone mentions the need for healing or I notice a negative shift in the energy of the planet the intention is always the same. By sending healing from a feeling of love and compassion I can boost the amount that flows through me and out to others. Passing that understanding on to my Reiki students is a wonderful priveledge. Helping them to discover that sending healing from a place of love is a great service to others is such a joy. Each person who learns to send out the love and healing to others is making our world a lighter place to be in. You can send out good energy too. Think kind thoughts about others, wish them well, ask the Divine Universe to help them be healed. Let your intuition and compassion guide you into sending out the love today.

Day 203 of my blogging challenge.

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