Self Healing

imageRain is the background to my evening. I’m curled up on my bed writing my blog. Quiet music joins with the beat of the rain. Candle light makes a peaceful glow in the room. It’s a time to think about my day and check in with how I’m feeling. It’s also the moment to invest in some self healing.

I became interested in Reiki Energy┬áhealing as a framework which would also work with the healing energy I found I was able to give from Spirit. My Guides helped me to see that I had to look after the self first if I wanted to be able to offer healing to other people. Putting myself first in receiving healing felt selfish at first. I believed that I had to send healing out to all who needed it and I would get healing somewhere at the end of that list. As I explored energy healing, and undertook Reiki attunements, I began to understand the instruction given on airplanes. We are told to put our own mask on first before we help other to put their on. It’s perfect sense. Passing out from lack of oxygen myself is of no use in saving others. So I look forward to a chance to invite healing energy in for me.

Self healing is something I believe we can all practice. There are times when it is almost impossible to avoid taking in toxic energy from our connections in the world. That energy sits in our aura creating dis-ease. Especially if life is throwing challenges at us. Noticing where that energy is creating an imbalance, tracking the feelings that flow from the energy and catching the thoughts that throw us off balance we are taking steps to prevent dis-ease. We can follow the threads of energy in another way. Our Guides and loved ones in Spirit are always ready to bring us healing energy to kick start the body’s own energy cleaning and clearing. All they need is our permission to start sending and our willingness to receive the healing vibrations. In my mind I ask for healing for myself and I remind myself that I am open to receive all the healing energy I need. This is one of the ways that I acknowledge to my body and mind that I want to be in the best of health. I am grateful for anything I feel I receive too.

Healing has been the theme of the day really. In all of the reading I did today the loved ones in Spirit stepped in to offer their relatives healing energy. They spoke with much love about whatever was troubling the person in such a way that the words had a deep meaning. Having someone who cares about you confirm that you are still loved and supported, giving you words of encouragement and empowerment, is also like oxygen. It can keep you focused on breathing in and out until your troubles pass. Finding hope again from the words of someone who cares and is compassionate is a big step to healing self. Wherever those words come from. When I sit quietly I give my loved ones the space to bring me hope too. It actually doesn’t matter if I believe in an afterlife or if I think the words that fall into my brain are real or not. I can listen to the positive voice within me to give me the energy to make myself in balance again.

The responsibility for my wellbeing rests with me. These small actions and intentions are a powerful way to help me heal myself. There are many other ways to give yourself the oxygen of self healing. Why not ask the Universe, the Spirit World and yourself to help you balance your energy into a positive flow?

Day 187 of my blogging challenge.

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