Seeking and receiving

imageI spend quite a bit of my time with people who are seeking. They often don’t know what they are seeking but they keep on looking. Here, there and everywhere. I can understand that urge to seek. A lot of my life has been spent looking.

Most of the time I have been very uncertain what I’ve been looking for. I always believed that I would know it when I found it. But whatever I was seeking always seemed to elude me. Until I started to ask about why I was here and the meaning of my life. Over the last twenty years I have come to recognise that what I was seeking was already inside of me.

I have always felt connected to a Divine Source. Although the different religions I explored seemed not to fit me, nor I them. I have no idea if there is a God, Goddess, many Gods and Godesses, a Universal Chaos or Great Central Sun. When I finally started to look inside of myself I found a Divine Spark. A name really isn’t important. A definition isn’t either. I found in me a connection to something greater than living as an individual being. Discovering that connection led me directly to my work with Energy Beings.

When I finally found me deep inside I also found a reason to be. For quite a while I was still seeking. Only I was seeking to understand the whole of me. My inner world had all sorts of rules, values and beliefs. It also had a lifetime of experiences that I realised I still needed to understand.

There were definitely parts of me I didn’t want to see. I couldn’t be that jealous, competitive, domineering and wrong headed person. Could I? What about all the secret transgressions. All the times I’d broken one or another moral code. Or the hurt I had caused myself and others. The broken promises. The denial of my responsibility for my own actions. My shadow side existed! And it was much bigger than I expected!!

No wonder my life was an uneasy mish-mash of energy. No surprise that abundance was patchy. I was so mixed up about myself that I wouldn’t let myself receive. I had been hurt. I had stopped trusting myself and other people. The world was an unfriendly, unsafe place. My ego mind was having a great time. It was able to keep me in fear and doubt. Life was hard because I had made it so. Somewhere along the line I had stopped receiving. Divine Love was a closed door for me. One that I had closed on myself.

That’s when I began another kind of seeking. Looking for the choices I could make that would change me. Helping myself do the things that would shrink the shadow side. Taking action to get my life back on track.

There were no quick answers. Old habits die hard. I resisted. I refused to look into myself where it seemed the most murky and dark. Eventually I cleared enough of the old energy out of the way. As my healing work on myself lightened my personal energy vibration I made connections with others. The connections came through books, other people and, finally, when I started to notice and acknowledge my Guides.

The Universal energy responded to my journey into myself. Information flew across my path all the time. When I realised I was going to have to look at myself in a very clear mirror help and support materialised instantly. I had discovered that seeking is only worthwhile when you are ready to receive. Receive help, information, guidance, wisdom, encouragement and Love. Most important of all to receive the healing that comes from loving yourself.

I am still on my inner journey. I am also fulfilling one of my life purposes. I help and support others to journey into themselves too. I work with them to open them up to the idea of receiving.

When someone is finally ready to take those first healing steps within I can support their  energy. I can offer encouragement by sending healing energy. I can name the feelings they might not want to acknowledge. I can challenge the judgements they hold about themselves. I can channel the energy of Divine Love to them so that they begin to love themselves more.

I am not the only one doing this work. But we need more people to turn seeking into receiving. When you finally love yourself, when you release old energy, when you understand and embrace your shadow side you are ready to change your world for the better. If you are still looking for the missing bit of your life please allow yourself to receive. Then take the inner journey and find your Light. Bon Voyage!

Day 242 of my blogging challenge.

One thought on “Seeking and receiving

  1. Well done on getting Instagram, I still haven’t quite got to grips with it.
    What you say about seeking resonates with me, and then the stages of growth and development that come along with willingness, and the stop start, way it does go. It is so interesting that once the map of the journey is in your being, and you know the paths you have journeyed, and as you face new paths too. Help and support does arrive, and as you say, I have found sometimes I meet people, who are on parts of the path I have walked, and I can offer a little guidance. I recognise this works for me too. It is a beautiful symmetry.
    Thank you for a lovely blog today.

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