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Sometimes I wonder about all of the sacred books that are said to tell us how to live the life a Divine being wants from us. We have had prophets, messiahs, avatars & saviours. Each has been written about. Occasionally in their time but most often after the events of their life and by people who are three, four or more times removed from the action that took place. Although I’m not a literalist, I do believe that the books that were written down were designed to help people remember how to evolve spiritually. And to remember the person who had the strong connection to communication with a Divine Being. However, the times that these holy books, scriptures and testaments refer to are long past. So I don’t necessarily believe everything that is written in those books. I belive that what’s more important is for us to understand that they were written to support and to guide humanity at that time through whatever the experience of life was like.

Do we have to live today in such a way that our lives are restricted by the values, beliefs and morals that applied thousands of years ago? In yet another set of discussions with my Guides I wanted to know which spiritual rules we should be aiming to live by. I was always puzzled that the only answer I could get was one word – Love. Why only one word? These sacred books were full of rules, requirements and restrictions. I read many of these sacred texts over the course of my life. When I got the answer from my Guides I went back to source. Reading them again with a fresh pair of eyes. I was intrigued to find at the core of every document was the idea, the flavour, the aspiration that we all give and receive love to each other. The other rules were the window dressing – the formal ways in which giving love to one another could be demonstrated. As if we couldn’t work out for ourselves how to respect, share and live peaceably with one another. To do that takes love. A special kind of love – unconditional love.

More questions! In all the messages coming through today about ways to live a happy, better, contented life (think of the vast number of books on self-help, healing and spirituality for a start, never mind any reworked interpretations of religious texts) love is often pushed to the side or in the background. You can read about resolving your karma, manifesting your destiny, healing your negative energy or cutting the ties that hold you down. The subtext is really all about needing to restablish self-love and a healthy balance of giving love to others. Is it really that simple? My Guides prefer not to say, lol. They have helped me to understand that first I have to find unconditional love for myself through releasing any self-judgement or self-doubt so that I can forgive myself unconditionally. Next I have to find it within myself to be unconditionally grateful for all that I am. Embracing your shadow side is never easy but they ask me to persevere as in the end I will be ready to offer unconditional service to myself. When I can do all of these things for myself I will be ready to do the same for everyone else around me. At that point I’ll be well on the way to joining the Secret Messiahs.

One day when I was trying to understand how I had managed to limit myself in my spiritual development my Guides asked me Why are you waiting for the messiah; one person who you believe can cure all the evils of the world? Has it worked before? Has humanity been saved throughout the ages by one prophet? They wanted me to think about whether it is easier for us to externalise a God/Goddess so we can push responsibility outside of ourselves. And why do we bless this god with all of the flaws of humanity whilst at the same time suggesting this being is omnipotent and omnipresent. Would an all seeing, all knowing, ever present Divine act & react as a human would? It doesn’t seem likely if the instruction from the Divine is Love. So do we push the experience of the Divine energy outside of ourselves because it’s then easier to say we aren’t responsible for the world or the way it is? If it’s not me who is co-creating then I can step aside from any responsibility for myself, my energy and my actions. I can choose to ignore anything I wish by putting the responsibility onto someone or something else.

Perhaps writing the words of the prophets down was a mistake. They became the focus of what we understood rather than a living reminder to love ourselves & others. We have drifted away from their core meaning by arguing over what is meant by each word, line, paragraph. And now we expect a rescuer to come along and save us. After all, that is what is written in these books. When we get so far along our human journey the Divine will send us another saviour to wipe the slate clean once again. To give us fresh instructions on how to love. At this point I stepped away from what is written. One ‘voice in the wilderness’ hasn’t worked so far. It’s a worn out plan. That’s why I love to reason this out with my Guides. They were the ones who explained about the secret messiahs. It’s time for a new way of helping everyone to move forward on their spiritual journey. So this time around there are lots & lots & lots of people bring out the message that all you need is love. It’s the in all of the books I mentioned earlier. It’s going to be moving to the front soon. People will be talking, writing, painting & making the music of love to awaken everyone. Enlightenment can’t fail when inside everyone we recognise their Divine spark, their Divine love, their mission as a secret messiah.

If you have been wondering what your spiritual mission is, why you are here and what you are supposed to be doing start to think about a world full of secret messiahs. People who inspire one other person through the love they give them. Or can inspire more by living a life full of loving example. Each person inspired can go on to inspire one or more too. How quickly we could save ourselves if that wave of loving inspiration sped across the world. Start your wave of love right now. See the Divine Love within yourself, help yourself to grow that love and send it outward to the people around you. What a wonderful gift you can give to humanity ?

Day 95 of my blogging challenge. 



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