Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Once again the news is full of unsettled energy. It’s time to wave goodbye to one head of state and say hello to the next one. Not here in the UK but across the pond in the USA. I usually ignore politics because the truth is very hard to find.

Yet as we wave goodbye to 2016 we are looking at a very different global set up arriving in 2017. The issues arising on the global stage are based on claim, counter-claim and counter-counter claim. I find it hard to believe anything at the moment as so much gossip, scare-mongering and aggressive gaslighting is flying around. But I also notice the same energy is around at a UK or local level. Wave after wave of reports about the NHS in crisis, denials, hard or soft Brexit, digging for personal dirt about leaders and the knotty issue of immigration. Where is the truth in all of this.

Of course I know that there are always more than two or three sides to every situation. But I also know that in trying to unravel what the issues are we get lost in a wave of ‘only my view is right’ statements. As if there was one ultimate truth but it only belongs to the viewpoint of one person. I’m a great believer in the truth will out. It was one of my Nanna’s sayings. I heard it a lot as a little girl. It was her response when she knew she wasn’t getting the whole story from someone. And that’s how I feel 2016 has left us. At all levels not knowing what it’s all about.

The wave that is racing towards us now feels like it will wash away all the false fronts I see around us. In fact our only way of making meaningful changes in 2017 will be to get to the heart of the issues that face us as global citizens.

But I feel it’s only fair to point out that those issues arise close to home too. Not only in some place a couple of thousand miles away. In another community or country. The issues are within each one of us. I like to believe that I’m full of love and light. I know that’s not true. It isn’t true because I’m a human being. I am light and shade. There are good days and not so good days. I am affected by the waves of energy flowing in our global community too. That’s why it’s hard to see how our world leaders behave. To notice all of the hidden agendas. And to see the truth only presented when they have been caught in the act.

My Guides set me an enormous challenge when they made themselves present in my life. They knew it would take me a lot of soul searching. That perhaps at times I would want to give up and go back to a fake reality. But they have stood by my throughout. I have learned not to judge, gossip, spread roumours, lie, flatter, dismiss or disrespect. Firstly myself. Then other people. On a good day I can keep that wave of spiritual behaviour going. On a less good day I get soaked by the spray. Occasionally I emerge half drowned. Once or twice I’ve thought I had died. Or at least moved so far away from my spiritual life that I was as good as dead.

So how do I keep going? What can I do in 2017 to help the truth emerge?

I’ve been thinking about this whilst I’ve been doing my healing work today. It starts with me aiming for more good spiritual days than not. Of removing myself from energy that carries with it negativity. I avoid gossip anyway. So I’ll keep on doing that. Looking behind what I’m hearing and seeing, I’m going to keep searching for the truth of all situations. I’m determined to send out as much healing as possible. To the planet, the animal kingdom and to every single person here on Mother Earth. I include myself in that. Along with the wish for everyone to be well I’m sending positive energy to generate hope and peace.

In 2017 I’m also going to move through my life with as much positivity as I can muster. With an attitude of wellbeing rather than ‘dis-ease’. Thinking well of myself and everyone else as much as I can. Letting everyone voice their truth and looking for the good inside the words. Doing the best I can to be all that I can be. Hello 2017!

Day 423 of my blogging challenge. 

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