Running backwards going forward!

imageWhat an interesting muddle of a day. An energy wave that’s an aftershock of the internal reallignment of the planet. Mercury going retrograde. New Moon waves. What a time to send out the Earth’s ArchAngel Comeliel energy wave.

Yet that was my instruction today. Time to send out the wave that would help everyone remember who they really are. I was looking forward to being in her Librarian energy once again. She loves stories, records, books. So do I. If time went backwards perhaps I would have chosen to be a librarian when I left school. And if time went backwards perhaps I would find that I was a librarian in a past life. However, today the internet went down. Good job I had a plan B so I could carry on and do my live broadcast. Excuse me looking a bit grim – I’d only had about 4 hours sleep.



Of course I understand why we all need to look backwards at the moment. Before I came in to this life I believe that I set myself the conditions and challenges that would promote my best spiritual growth. Sort of, I asked for it so it’s being delivered. Not such an easy belief when the world goes up side down. Yet if I recognise the effects of my previous lives, decisions and actions (something called the Universal Law of cause and effect) I will be able to move forward choosing the best path for me. It’s the remembering that’s important. And I know we generally all end up with amnesia the moment we are born.

So I’m sure I’m off again on a past life recall mission. I’m looking forward to discovering more. I do run to discover who and what I’ve been. The faster I find out the sooner I can balance the energy I created.

That’s the way to move forward. When I acknowledge what I have created, taking responsibility for my choices, finding the wisdom hidden in why I did it that way, I no longer need to hold onto the karmic energy. The wisdom will also help me to handle what I face in my future. It helps me to avoid taking a backwards step. Because that might create the same karmic energy all over again. I hope I’ve learned enough not to want to keep going round and round the same issues. So thank you faulty Internet for reminding me that there are many ways to connect with our inner self. Also for removing the everyday distractions (no emails, social media etc) until early evening.

Now I can look forward to new discoveries, new beginnings and new dreams with old stuff getting cleared out of the way. A great way to honour the creative flow of the New Moon.

Day 291 of my blogging challenge.

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