Room for doubt?

imageWhen I was developing my intuitive abilies I asked lots of questions. I asked those questions because I was full of doubt. I doubted that I had any psychic senses in the first place. I doubted that I would be able to pick up any information through my psychic senses. Then I doubted the information assuming it wouldn’t be correct. Finally, once it seems that what I was getting was correct, incredibly correct, I doubted that I would be able to do anything with my ability to connect. A lot of people see doubt as a negative quality. We are often told to have faith as if we can automatically stop asking questions and believe everything we are told.

I love that I have doubt. I’ve asked questions all my life. Whatever has been presented to me as the ‘truth’, the facts or the only thing to believe I have wanted to ask ‘who says that this is so?’ I have also doubted myself. Evolving my understanding of who & what I am as a spirit in a human body has often been through challenging the way I understand myself. Of course my doubts have let me say I can’t do this or that. Certainly I have passed up opportunities because I thought I couldn’t do something. Or that I wasn’t the one who should be doing it. Yet amazingly, after all the doubts, questions and self challenging, I have moved my understanding of myself and humanity forward. Out of the doubt has come certainty about my values and beliefs.

I love to share my experiences. Anyone who knows me will say I can keep on talking forever. I always encourage people to question what I tell them. My world view may not be your world view. That is refreshing. It’s wonderful to discuss different points of view. Not to convert someone to my way of thinking. Discussing, questioning, swapping experiences is a way for me to hear out loud my own doubts or questions. Also to hear my own opinions and sticking points. Voicing doubt is also a way to help me consider if I’m doing the right thing for me. We love patterns. Humans general prefer to live by routines. In fact in groups if someone is out of step with the routine there will be subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pressure on that person to conform with the group. What happens if that pattern only suits some or a few of the group? How do we change the pattern if no one voices any doubt?

When I finally decided to investigate my psychic senses I stepped outside of my pattern. I was somewhat out of step with my group. Mediumship is still a stereotype for the table tapping, crystal ball gazing, ‘is there anyone there?’ lady of a certain age with loads of cats & jingling bracelets. The doubts I experienced were a powerful energy to move me forward in search of other patterns and new groups. I widened my horizons, stepped away from the conventional view of mediums & psychics and started to discover a whole new life. My doubt drove that journey. My questions were answered one by one and have led to lots more questions. I do have faith in my connection to the Energy Beings I work with. Faith that has emerged through the test of doubt. Faith that is stronger because I doubted. To me doubt is a fascinating road to travel.

Next time you doubt yourself give yourself credit for being brave enough to question yourself. Look at the feelings and thoughts your doubt reveal. Are you judging yourself?  Are you afraid to succeed? Are you uncertain of what you want & who you are? Give yourself time to find the answers to your questions. The positive power of doubt can help you find your connection, your support and your group. Keep asking the questions and enjoy being curious!

Day 111 of my blogging challenge. 

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