Rise from the depths …

IMG_3182This photo says it all! My town, along with so many others, has taken a real hit over the weekend. A lot of homes, shops, businesses & property has been destroyed. What has been inspiring is all of the help on offer. Calderdale Council arrived at 5am to clean the roads & deal with scraping up the mud. The police are re-routing the traffic. Setbray, my property managers have called round to check if we are ok. Marco’s Cafe, the Town Hall cafe & John at Country Stores have been offering free tea & coffee or food. There are an army of volunteers hosing down & clearing the mud from shops & houses.

The Calder Valley Flood Support group on Facebook has been a hub of support, advice, updates & co-ordination. Sometime we criticise social media for lots of reasons. But what this group have shown is how the internet can get info out where it’s needed really quickly and galvanise amazing support. A lot of the people I’ve spoken to today in town have seen the posts and come along to help. I know that it’s not only in Hebden Bridge. Many other towns are finding the support & help needed because people have seen info on social media.









What is also the up side of the internet is that we know about the floods, bushfires, landslides and earthquakes all over the world very quickly. We might not be able to go along and help physically but we can donate food, supplies, money, clothes & aid very quickly. We can also send out positive wishes, thoughts & prayers for everyone in an affected area. I have received so much online support. It does count. It has made a huge difference to me whilst I’m dealing with the fall out of the floods. It also means I can offer the same positive support to others who have been more badly affected. So keep on sending your good vibes to every affected area.









The big clean up will take a while but the town is still vibrant & alive. If you are near an area that has flooded you can always help – cleaning is required, basic equipment is required for families who have lost most of their normal living equipment and you can send your positive vibes to everyone too. Most of all, you can visit us when we are back up & running to support the many small businesses who will be building themselves up once again. Thank you in advance for anything you can do to support Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and all other affected areas.








Day 41 of my blogging challenge.

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  1. Wishing everyone much love for a speedy and healthy recovery 🙂 As soon as I am able my friend and I want to bring over some donations we have and offer what help we can armed with buckets and rubber gloves and fairy liquid etc 🙂 My family and I will make a donation online, as at Christmas we were visiting relatives in Cumbria who had also suffered badly in the flooding. But what is remarkable and so heart warming above and beyond this devestation is our indomitable human spirit and the love shared among true humanbeings. It is a wonderful thing to see :)Xxxxxx

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