Rippling Brooks, Fairy Trees: A Walk In The Snow

RipplingIt has been snowing today. Not enough to stop me going for a walk though. I went down past the rippling brook and through the hawthorn and rowan trees watching the snow settle on the higher ground.

Listening to the rippling, tinkling sound of the water I thought about waves of energy. Of the way in which energy can hit all of a sudden. Energy that I might not welcome or want. Yet energy I have to deal with as is flows through my life. I know it’s easy to get caught up in energy that threatens to drag me into low vibrations. There is a part of me that responds to that. The shadow side I try to address and deal with whenever I find myself drifting down out of the live energy. My walk today reminded me that the new energy rippling through my life is very much of a higher vibration. Divine Feminine love and creativity is washing me and refreshing me.

I am being steadily recharged by it. Powered up to share more of the positive energy with all of those I meet. So that I also create a rippling flow of kindness, gratitude and collaboration. Standing amongst the trees, with their winter coat of lichen and moss, I thought about the skin I am in. And what I might be covered by. Am I sharing my form with delightful, abundant growth? Do we exist in a harmony of growth throughout the seasons? Or am I a bare, fallen, stunted in my progress? It was a lot for me to think about. I walked on greeting each tree as if a new friend. The water singing beside me a lively reminder of being in the flow. Because that is the purpose of living. I’m immersing myself in all of the energy that comes my way.

Yet I am also trying my best, by only holding on to the most positive of vibrations, to make the best of myself. Letting the rippling of energy empower me rather than diminish me. I am looking forward to my next walk amongst the trees. It will be another time for reflection.

Day 800 of my blogging challenge 

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