Rights, Responsibilities and Choice

I love the way my blog emerges from my day. There was a lot of talk today about rights and choices. Perhaps not so much about responsibilities though.

Strands of conversations intertwined around what I have the right to do. Or even if I have some spiritual rights to consider when making choices. Alongside that was another strand. If I have a right surely I have a responsibility? Even a spiritual responsibility to exercise my rights carefully? One of the things highlighting my thoughts was a speech I was at given by Jeremy Corbyn. Along with most of the Western World, it seems, the UK is in the process of a election. Do we choose the strong leader or the authentic leader? The one who talks about fear or the one who suggests collaboration? Is it an issue of Brexit, immigration or refugees? The debate swirls back and forward. Somehow I have to choose.

It’s very clear that I have rights. I can vote. There are opportunities for me to join the debate. Read up on the candidates and parties. I can have my say by placing a tick in a box. But I also have responsibilities. I have to consider what is best for me, for my family and for my community. All before I get to thinking about what is best for a whole country. How to exercise my rights responsibly? Do I go for the me requires or the greater good desires? How do I sort out who will deliver the rights we all expect in the most responsible way? Sometimes it seems like a very tough choice. Especially when I want to manifest a life for our children’s children’s children to enjoy. So whose rights do I consider right now?

That’s an interesting point. And one that was highlighted very clearly as I waited to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak.

It’s easy to assume that our needs are superior to other people. To demand that we get what we want. Even at the expense of others. In a packed room with everyone wanting to be at the front it was never going to be possible. There had to be a lot of give and take. Some people were generous and acted responsibly. Some didn’t. Yet each of us has a choice in the way we claim our position. As I stood back and observed it seemed to me that the choices each person made reflected the reality of this election. It will never be possible for everyone to agree. We are too focused on defending our right at the moment. But ducking the responsibility too.

Later this evening I was discussing the view that we are Energy Beings first and foremost. That what we give out we get back. I feel that I have a responsibility to manage my energy in such a way that it sits well with my spiritual values. Because I have the right to believe what I believe. And my actions have to, as much as possible, reflect my values. So when I choose who to vote for it is my private decision based on what I feel is best in alignment with my values. In the end there will be a result. Whatever that result I will have exercised my right and need to take responsibility for continuing to do the best I can in a somewhat fear-filled world.

I hope that life will continue much as it always has. I hope that our children inherit a better world than it feels to be at present. And I hope that we all recognise that along with rights come responsibilities.

Day 539 of my blogging challenge 

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