Intuitive Right Timing In Everything

right timingSome days go out of shape pretty quickly. It’s all about timing. I have a diary but I also know that it has to be flexible. Otherwise my intuition won’t flow.

Last minute changes use to really throw me. I would get stressed or upset when things were cancelled or moved around. Not liking that my structured day had to change. It wasn’t until I really started my Spirit work that I learned it’s all in the timing. Sometimes Spirit people came to give messages when I was asleep. After several discussions with my Guides we agreed that I needed my (beauty) sleep and the visits stopped. Now and again a Spirit came looking for me long before the time I was due to give the messages. I learned to ask them to pop back when it was the right time. Appointments for readings got cancelled. Sometimes only moments before. And I learned to console the Spirit who was waiting. Better luck getting them here next time I would say.

All these things were teaching me that there is an intuitive sense of timing. What I or someone else may think is the right time can be completely the wrong time. For instance, I have a friend who is a football fan. I don’t call to chat when there is a game on. I know I will end up in a one sided conversation. So if my diary gets moved around I now know it’s for a reason. Exactly the case today. Someone needed my urgent help so suddenly my diary was clear for the morning. Then it got back on track this afternoon. But on a slightly different track than I planned. Because I needed to help connect a couple of people. Intuitively I recognised that a different plan was happening. A Spirit driven plan. And it was great to go with it.

Now when my diary shifts and I end up doing something completely different I remind myself about right timing. Whatever is happening is perfect for that moment. The energy is flowing just as it needs to. And I have no need to stress about it. Are you planning your day? Or are you timing things using your intuition?

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