Right Order: A Message About Getting Clear

Right orderI like to take an oracle card every now and then. When it feels right. So that I can recieve a message from my intuition, my loved ones in Spirit or my Guides.

I enjoy the apparent randomness of looking at a card and realising that it makes perfect sense. It’s one of the intriguing things that got me hooked right at the beginning of my interest in the intuitive world. I couldn’t imagine how every card seemed to make such good sense. Even when I was selecting them for my friends. And then total strangers as I moved into doing card readings. Yet the messages were really clear. After much debate with my Guides I finally learned to trust that oracle cards, a psychic intuitive tool, would also respond to the energy around and within me. Or the people around me.

I tested the readings for a long while. Making careful notes I waited to see if the messages came out right. I’m not sure what I expected. I tried hard not to make things fit with my expectations or interpretations. So I tried to forget the detail of the cards. In that way I though wouldn’t be influencing outcomes. I really didn’t want it to be me trying to make the messages come out right. Over time I understood that the cards gave me the energy of the moment. But it was still up to me to make the choices that took me forward in my life. If I wandered off on a different path then the information from the cards might not hold good. So the cards become little boosters. Prompts to me to keep me positive and on track.

Today’s card is Right Order. A reminder that it’s time to put things in their proper place in my physical world.

I’ve been clearing out the clutter for a few months now in my home and my Centre. Looking at everything I own with a fresh pair of eyes. And asking myself if it’s right to keep this or that. Because my personal possessions are full of energy. Energy that can be fixed in the past, or energy that is stuck and no longer appropriate. Some of my things are energetically flat. The energy has gone or been drained away. Even as there are some items that still radiate the energy that I require. In fact I love that my crystals always tell me when they need to move on and be somewhere new. That doesn’t necessarily mean still with me.

Now I’m also listening to the energy of my books, CDs, clothes and furniture. Anything that I own at the present time. Working out what I want to keep and what can be redistributed. At the same time I’m also working through paperwork, storage boxes and the layout of my personal spaces. Of course, moving all this stuff is bringing the dust and cobwebs to light. So there is cleaning as well as clearing going on. I want to feel that I’m surrounded by the right energy. It feels liberating. To let go of all the unwanted stuff and make space in my physical world. I am excited about what might find it’s way into my possession for my onward journey. A bit like opening a suitcase the Universe has packed for me. Seeing all the wonderful things inside.

When everything is in it’s right order I know that I will be delivering on the things I am here to do. Living to the best of my ability. Using my abilities to the full. That feels really right for me. How about you? Do you need to get things in order at the moment?

Day 701 of my blogging challenge 

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