Rewriting My Story: Content To Be Me

rewriting preparationI’ve been reading a good book for the last twenty four hours. One that gripped and drew me in. Because a central theme was about rewriting the life experiences of the main character. And it struck a chord with me.

Rewriting my blogs is a theme my Guides keep bringing me. Not necessarily to make big changes. But to allow me to expand on points I might have made long ago. And now have a different insight into. Because my story has changed. It’s gone from a search for meaning into meaning doesn’t matter. On the way I have shed a lot of expectations that I had about myself. Which has allowed me to set free the authentic me. Although that ‘me’ is still in the process of emerging. So rewriting myself is a process that may continue for a whole lot longer. Especially since some of the experiences I have had in the last fifteen years have really challenged my understanding of what it ‘real’.

I feel that we forget about that. The fact that experiences alter our perspective. Our view on life. When I look back to my past experiences I realise that my view of their meaning was limited by my values at that time. All of the social conditioning that I soaked up over my lifetime. In revisiting and rewriting what has happened to me I can see messages, inspirations and options I never saw at the time. This makes me feel incredibly positive. So much so that I can set aside the need to feel as if I have to fear everything. Taking a different view of events has let me see where the love actually surrounded me. Especially at those times when I felt the most unloved.

If you get a chance to sit and write about yourself try rewriting one of you past experiences. Write it from the point of view of a detached observer. Offer yourself the wisdom the events contained. Show yourself where the love was always there,. Underneath the surface keeping you afloat. Not necessarily from others. But always from your own Spirit Within. Discover who you have always been.

Day 996 of my blogging challenge

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