Resting the Mind Day

Some days are perfect for resting the mind. Taking some time away from all the usual chatter that fills my head. Chatter that gets more involved when I have Spirit communicating with me too.

I do love connecting with Energy Beings. And with the people who need to get messages from their loved ones. But every now and again that bit of me needs resting. I have to shut down for a while so that I can reopen refreshed and sharp once more. In the same way I also need to close down my mind every now and again to all the thoughts that can fill my mind endlessly if I let them. Yes, 2017 has started and I’m raring to go. Ideas have been dropping in for several weeks and I want to get on with all sorts of things immediately. But …

Yesterday I wrote about balance. Sometimes the mind needs resting too. Letting my thoughts slow down completely. Perhaps even stop altogether. Giving me silence from plans, ideas, worries and choices. It’s been a good day to disappear into another world. I’ve been reading one of my favourite authors, Terry Pratchett, and letting the world take care of itself. Because that’s also a way of resting my mind. Letting all thoughts about the outer world float away. I always find reading is a being in the moment activity. Whilst I’ve wandered into another world in my mind, this world fades out of view.

Very often my mind can run around chasing it’s own tail with all the things I have to do or think about. Quite a bit of the time what I’m thinking about turns out to be wasted energy.

It seems that as soon as we learn to think we get stuck with the idea that it’s always the best way to deal with the world. When I am resting my mind I notice that things go on much the same as always. Tasks get done eventually. Time moves forward anyway. The world still turns. In fact I find resting my mind is much more about being in the moment. That place of mindfulness where everything happens just as it would have done anyway. How great to move through my day without all that excess thinking.

Interestingly, I sometimes notice a little niggle of guilt underlying a rest day. It’s as if my mind wants to prompt me to get thinking, thinking, thinking again. Almost as if I’m betraying my thoughts by not thinking. Trusting my thoughts instead of my feelings has been a hard habit to break. Yet I know my intuitive ability can steer my life much better than my thoughts. Letting myself have a resting day helps me to tune in much better to what I am feeling. Even when it’s time to start allowing the thoughts in once more.

My final thought about my day is how curious we are. We have the ability to process the world through our intuition but have been taught to ignore that information in favour of assumptions. That’s what thoughts are. Constructs built around what we assume about our experiences. Constructs that are often misleading because they are open to interpretation. Oops. Deep thoughts for a resting day!

Day 414 of my blogging challenge. 

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