Resilience – Love and Human Beings Endure

I’ve been to a family wedding today. It was an uplifting day. And a reminder about resilience.

There is a lot of fear energy around at the moment. So many big issues on a global level for all of us to address. Every time I look at social media or the news there are lots of negative stories. In hard times it’s important to have reminders that we will come through all of the challenges. I’m always looking for that glimmer of hope to show me the way. So as I sat listening to wedding vows being made I thought about resilience. None of us would have been sitting there taking part in the celebration without the determination of our loved ones who have gone before us. I’m sure there were plenty of family present from the Spirit World. But it also represented the enduring nature of love. The trust that through love our families will continue.

I also looked at the faces of the little children in the church. They are just starting their journey through life. How wonderful to be surrounded by people who know how to survive that journey. Because that’s the truth. We have  all come through many and varied challenges. Our lives have been bumpy as well as calm. Each one of us has, I am certain, had to find the courage to continue after it seemed like our world had turned upside down.  At the reception I saw family and friends sharing the occasion. Catching up. Updating. Enjoying meeting again. At least four generations representing all that is hopeful about families. Looking around I ticked off the grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren. A perfect representation of the way in which human beings carry on surviving.

It takes resilience to keep on living and loving. A toughness that is powered by hope. Based on love for one another. I don’t fear for human beings. I hope for more love for all of us.

Day 537 of my blogging challenge 

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