Release the Past in a Waning Moon

Today is a good day to start releasing the past. As the full moon tips into a waning moon, shrinking away into darkness, I always consider what energy, situations, feelings and thoughts no longer fit me.

It’s important to think not only about the recent past but also about those long ago times that may still haunt me. Or shape me. Do I want to continue letting them influence me? A waning moon reminds me that I can let go of anything I wish and remake myself anew. Because the waning ¬†moon brings us the next full moon. It’s an eternal cycle. A reminder that nothing ever dies. We leave and return once more. I’m sure that’s why our ancient ancestors worshiped the moon as the Goddess. With the sun as the leaving and returning balancing of Divine energies.

So I’ve been writing a list of what I want to leave behind me. All sorts of thoughts, feelings, situations and energy made it onto my list. Of course I want to make changes but perhaps doing it all at once would feel rather strange. If I woke up tomorrow morning with all of these things gone would I know myself at all? Would the change be so drastic that I rushed to get all those released things back again? I’d rather not rush it and find myself back where I started. The list needed to be prioritised. What to loose first?

Back to the waning moon again. What is the first slice of energy to go? What is holding me back right now?

Part of letting go is also making sure that I’ve got a clear understanding of what it is. That means asking myself how that energy makes me feel or think. So, for example, perhaps I have to release doubt. Where does that doubt come from? How is it being expressed in my life right now? Am I ready to let it go? Because if it’s the most important thing I have to be totally committed to releasing all my doubts. There has to be no doubt, lol. If it’s holding me back and I’m clear that it needs to go then I will be releasing it’s power over me. And knowing when and where I gave my power away to it helps.

That’s the way manifesting works. Bringing to my attention the ways in which I have stopped the flow of abundance into my life. Reminding me that I have to make room for the new by letting go of the old. As I experience life I make choices. What energy to take on board. I make jusdgements, or listen to the judgements of others, about the meaning of my actions. Sometimes I can’t find the root of my doubts. But it doesn’t matter if I’m really intent on letting this feeling go. Knowing some of the reasons I am full of doubt I can set my intention to realease all doubt.

Then I can begin the process of shrinking or waning the old energy. First by imagining the new me. And how I will feel.

I like to write down what I plan to let go of. It clears my mind. And I find I recognise lots more about the stuck energy when I do so. Then I spend a little time imagining what I would feel like if I got out of bed tomorrow with no more doubts. How would it make me feel? What would I do? How would my life be different? I sit quietly and call in the feelings of a life without doubt. The energy of those feelings helps to make my intention concrete. When I feel like I have soaked up those positive vibes I write myself an affirmation. Something that starts with ‘I release … and I feel …’ It can be as long or as short as I feel it needs to be.

The last step is to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. It’s a curious thing about being human, when we add action into intention we get a reaction. What we want manifests. I’ve got my affirmation, I’ve got the feeling, thought or thing I want to release so I’m ready to take action so the Universe will act too. Each night for the next three nights I will light a tea light. I will read my affirmation statement. Then I will burn a slip of paper with what I want to let go of written on it. I’ll let the candle burn out completely. When it has gone I’ll remind myself that I’m letting go.

Every morning when I wake up I will tell myself that I have no more doubt. That the Universe is aware that I have changed and is sending me exactly what I need. As the waning moon turns into the new moon I will look forward to lots of brand new, doubt free times.

Day 426 of my blogging challenge.

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