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usuiI love being part of healing experiences. Whether I am the channel for Spirit, Earth’s ArchAngel or Reiki healing being able to help deliver the flow of uplifting energy is a wonderful part of my life. Not only do I pass on positive vibes but I also receive a little of that energy for myself too. Every Friday I get to pass on this energy in a Reiki Refresh group. I can give the energy to everyone who attends and I can also ask, through my intention, for the energy to go out to the planet that sustains us, the animal kingdom that walks alongside of us and to each & every person on the planet.

What is also special about the energy that flows universally for all of us is that we get it only when we are ready to receive it. There is nothing forced about the healing flow. The gift of healing energy is just that. If we still need to experience ‘dis-ease’ for our own personal evolution then the energy will stay on the surface of our aura until we allow it to move inwards and do it’s work. We still have free will choice. When we are ready to change our life the healing energy will get to work.

When I pass on Reiki attunements to my students they often ask lots of questions about why this should be so. A healer’s first urge is to make someone or something better. It can be a hard lesson to find that some people need to have challenging experiences to help them develop as people and as Spirits. It can make the inexperienced healer feel quite useless or disillusioned. Yet I have observed many times that healing is only effective when the person is ready to make changes within themselves first. In fact Dr Mikao Usui, the person who rediscovered the energy healing we now know as Reiki (Rei – soul/spirit, Ki – vital energy), discovered this very issue when he began offering healing to as many people as possible. So I recognise that any energy healing I offer will only work with the permission of the person who receives it.

However, to help people understand the benefits of energy healing I run a group called Reiki Refresh. I offer everyone who attends an opportunity to sit for an hour in the healing energy and to have about 5-10 mins of individual hands on energy within that time. The group is open to everyone. There is no requirement to believe in Reiki or anything at all. People can attend as much or as little as they wish. I do encourage people to experience the group before they decide if energy healing is going to work for them or not. I also ask them to be open minded about what they may feel or sense in the session or afterwards. It’s useful to explain that they may need to attend two or three times to see if the energy healing is having any benefit for them.

One of the best things about running the group has been that people continue to return. At some point they notice they are feeling or thinking differently about themselves or their life. That the energy healing time they are giving themselves can really create a wonderfully positive effect. Next time you are feeling in need of positive energy have a look around. Is there someone near you, or that you connect with, who is an energy healer? Do they offer taster sessions so that you could try for yourself whether this approach will support any changes you are making in your life? Be prepared to give yourself time & space to promote your own wellbeing. You might be surprised at how quickly your life can change.

Day 53 of my blogging challenge.

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  1. The Spirits vital energy…i didn’t know that’s what Reiki meant. Makes sence now, I’m loving receiving this gentle Reiki, thankyou Annie. XX

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