Regret… I’ve had a few… Many…

Regret is a natural consequence of making choices. That though surfaced today as I discussed someone’s past life recollections.

It started a reflection for me too. How much regret do I carry? And do I still need to? Because that’s the issue with regret. If I feel I carry too much then does it impair or stop my current decisions about what I do? Does my mind over think, assume and delay choosing? Am I trying to avoid all consequences. In reality is that possible? One thing I have learned in 40 years of past life work is the truth that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Choices have consequences. Decisions count. Because even now I am dealing with energy consequences I set up for myself in my past lives.

It’s important that I don’t let myself get paralysed by a fear of choosing. Regret is a natural human emotion but it shouldn’t stop me from taking action in my life. It often surfaces long after the choice has been made. When I’m wondering what if? Perhaps most often if I feel like I got something badly wrong. Is that a good reason to stop choosing? I don’t think it is. In the end I have to move forward. That is the nature of living. Mistakes get made. There is fall our from what I have said or done. But who am I to judge? I’m close to the action, so to speak, unable to really see the big picture. If I did something but it turned out to have positive consequences would it be right to regret it?

Looking back is helpful. Recognising that a choice made may have had unforeseen or unexpected consequences may bring regret. However the lesson to take from regret is to try to do it better next time. And then continue making the best choices I can.

Day 531 of my blogging challenge 

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