Reflection, Retrograde, Refocus And Renew

reflectionIt’s time for reflection! Mercury is going retrograde again until 22nd December so expect any unfinished business to pop up again and again until you finish it.

There are times when I groan about Mercury going retrograde. I feel that communication is hard enough without adding in that subtle influence that makes me look again at everything I’ve said and done since the last time Mercury turned the other way round. The planet appears to be going backwards in the sky and that pushes me into going backwards too. Not something I want when I’m trying to stay focused on moving forward. And spending time in reflection can feel like a wasteful way to spend my time. After all I know better than I did then. So why do I have to look at everything again. Oh that wonderful Ego Mind. Keen to keep me in ignorance of the things within me that are actually holding me back.

After all, on reflection, I might decide that it’s ok to step further out of my comfort zone when I realise I’m not dreaming big enough. Something that terrifies my Ego Mind. It doesn’t want to loose control of keeping me safe. So perhaps I can welcome Mercury’s trip backwards. Because it can help me to understand where I am limiting myself. After all, I might find that I want to refocus on where I’m headed. Or how I’m going to travel my path. I might even decide to leap much further and more boldly ahead that before. So I appreciate the benefit of the next few weeks. I will do my best to work through the issues that arise. Knowing that I am being given an opportunity to start afresh. And with renewed energy and commitment.

Reflection is a positive asset. I know that when I pay attention to the unfinished, loose ends of my life I will learn something new once again. During this retrograde period I am going to be kind to myself, allowing the thinking through, so that I can renew my commitment to being the best possible me I can be. Is it time to find a quiet place and engage in your own reflection?

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