Rediscovering Selfhood

I’ve been thinking about selfhood today. When I work with Parashiel’s Balm healing energy I notice how often people make great shifts in their emotional energy. It’s as if the presence of this ‘hug from the inside’ trips a little power switch that cause a surge of I Am energy.

That I Am realisation seems to be all about selfhood – the quality that constitutes one’s individuality; the state of having an individual identity. So often I am defined by partial aspects of myself. Daughter, sister, mother, teacher, customer and so on almost endlessly. I could add painter, writer, therapist, Reiki healer. Each one is only a part of the whole me. And each one is a shortcut to knowing me. That’s what we do. We use the aspect that be come into contact with to assume we know everything, or almost everything, about another person. I know the same could be said for a country, a team, the opposite sex even.

But selfhood is much more than a list of attributes. Or roles I play. I am much more than the assumptions that go with the labels. Somewhere in the middle of all these different views of me is a more authentic person trying to get out. Because I want to be acknowledged for all that I contribute to my life. And to see myself as a whole person. I feel that’s where the difficulty with selfhood arises. Many of us have a very shaky grasp of individual identity. Family, school, friends, work colleagues, bosses, landlords, sales people. All of these, and many more, expect me to conform to a generally accepted range of behaviours and reactions. I can be myself but strictly on their terms.

It’s clear my desire to embrace, explore and expand my selfhood can be blocked. I can make myself feel all sorts of judgements and guilt. Feelings that deny me any sense of individuality.

I know that the way to move from being blocked is to recognise the judgements. Then to remove their influence. I may be a carer or a mother. It might be a responsibility I’ve chosen to take on. Especially if I wish to express my love for someone. However, that doesn’t mean that the person I am caring for or being a mother to has no role to play. The effect of the Parashiel’s Balm energy is to remind me that I Am. So is the other person in the relationship. We both have to act from our selfhood when collaborating together. Honouring and respecting the nature of what each of us contributes to the other. Because together We Are.

For me that is the end conclusion of selfhood. If I live as I really am, if others experience me as I really am, then I can experience them as they really are. Together we can recognise our similarities. The full meaning of I Am Annie can be blended with the I Am-ness of all those other people. When each of us contributes exactly what that I Am represents we have a way of co-creating a very exciting world. A world of collective selfhood. Where each unique quality I and you possess is available to be used in the best possible way for all. I’m delighted that working in ArchAngel Parashiel’s energy brings to this world the understanding of service for the greater good. Each person who discovers their I Am is ready to work from an Ascension consciousness. Which means lots more hugs on the inside to go round.

Day 451 of my blogging challenge. 

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