Recognising & Releasing the Feeling

imageIt’s been quite a busy day with lots of little bits and pieces to do. I’ve been making time for some creative work, bringing in some healing energy and organising myself for new beginnings. Some of that also involves releasing feelings.

Of course, with lovely Mercury running backwards in the heavens I found one or two things didn’t flow as I expected. Today was the day that a new sort of travel card was introduced. So there was a long queue for tickets at the Travel Centre. I thought it would be OK to pick the ticket up at Hebden Bridge station. Oh dear! The staff aren’t able to issue them anymore. The ticket man was rather grumpy – understandably so – but I thought he was really kind helping me get the ticket from the self service machine. The option I really wanted wasn’t available from the machine but releasing my slight feeling of irritation I moved on to my next job.

I also needed to replace my daughter’s bank card. However, the person who set up her account had forgotten to take the action to record I was the guardian on the account. I really understand that the lady dealing with it had no proof on her system that I had any right to access anything about the account. And I was sent away to find the original paperwork. It won’t be done until I do. Releasing my irritation once again I decided that it would all get sorted out in the end. I could have just done with it being sorted today. Heading home when I got in I picked up my post. Bills. I wish some days that I could have lovely, positive letters. Today it was bills. Never mind I thought. Get them opened and check the payments have been made.

It’s at this point I should have thought about the kind of energy day I’d been having. The best laid plans etc. Remember, I’d been releasing irritation!

One bill was for a new piece of equipment for work. I’ve already paid a chunk of the money due. And I know it has been taken from my business account. However, the bill is for the whole amount and a debit is on it’s way through for the whole sum. More irritation to sort out in the morning. Once I would have stewed about this all night. Today for a moment I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In some ways I could have got really annoyed by these little glitches. Some years ago I certainly would have. But one of the things I’ve worked very hard at it to recognise when my emotions may end up transmitting low vibrational energy. Reacting more strongly to these situations may only boost the negative flow around me.

Neither the ticket man or the bank lady could do anything about what has happened. And the lady who processed my order wasn’t to know that a mistake would happen on my bill. Putting any blame on them isn’t helpful. Neither is the emotion of blame actually. Some of our emotions are helpful. I’m trying to recognise and release those that aren’t. I want to ‘spend’ my energy on positive emotions. Because if I feel positive then I radiate that energy out to others. I had a discussion about this in my Reiki Refresh group tonight. Learning about and changing my emotional habits has helped me to clear a lot of stuck energy. It’s also helped me to steer clear of reacting excessively when my plans shift around.

It’s important to me to remember I’m swimming in a sea of energy. I am around lots of people releasing emotional energy whether positive or not. Recognising which emotions are mine and those that belong to others is the key to releasing any energy that’s not mine.

Both the ticket man and the bank lady were irritated that they couldn’t do their job the way they wanted. I sensed that they both wanted to provide good customer service. They were fed up that, for whatever reason, one that wasn’t anything to do with them, they couldn’t do what they wanted. Their irritation could have fed mine. I could have collected quite a lump of irritation before I opened my bills. If I had collected enough I could have been more than irritated with the equipment bill. I could have got angry. Or even, really mad. Then tomorrow morning someone else would have had all of that energy wave rushing across their aura.

Because I understand the connections between us as energy I was able to step out of a strong reaction. In reality I hardly reacted at all. And I didn’t carry the irritation from one person to the next. It’s worth thinking about. I certainly feel it’s worth noticing feelings as they come up. This gives me a choice of how I deal with what happens. I also avoid getting stuck with energy by releasing it as it is created. And I can send loving energy to the people who are experiencing less than positive feelings. It’s my way of improving the energy ocean I’m swimming in.

Day 295 of my blogging challenge.

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