Recharging My Batteries

img_2362Have you ever noticed feeling a bit run down. As if recharging your batteries is overdue? Today I needed a long lie in before heading to the office.

I know that there have been energy upgrades happening thick and fast. Sometimes too many all at once. Each time another one comes along I have to take a day or two just to resettle back into my skin. Recharging is a natural consequence of adjusting to running at a new energy vibration. So the extra energy bump I got yesterday has been evened out today. That’s why I took some extra time to rest. In fact, I have learned my lesson and don’t try to push myself too hard after a boost.

By the afternoon though I was back ready to work with Energy shifting again. Sometimes the place you live or work gets too big a build up of old energies. The Centre tends to gather the energy of the people who visit in exchange for giving out positive blasts. So I regularly clean the aura of the Centre. Sometimes I move the crystals and plants around. Other times, like today, I move the furniture around. Resetting the rooms creates new energy flows. I’m really recharging the space. And naturally, anyone, including me, who visits or uses it.

2017 has been a resetting and recharging year. However, it might have been easy to miss that in all of the fear energy that is coming to the surface to be released.

Part of the recharging is also about being able to let go of old energy. I know it’s easy to keep going round in circles. To keep thinking about the past or old feelings. It’s as if, sometimes, I can’t resist repeating the same patterns over and over. When I reset my energy by releasing old fears, worries and anxieties I make space for new, positive energy to flow to me. But old patterns often take a long time to shift. Especially if they have been there since childhood. Facing my habits with the knowledge that I can change is the best way to do it.

Getting myself on a new track is all about taking that leap off the cliff. I have to trust that what is new in my intuitive life has arrived for the right reasons. Not always easy, I know. But something that I’m doing to make sure I have the best start I can to the new year. I hope that you have found a little time to recharge your energy today. It’s worth a few minutes or event hours if you can. Then you will be ready for all of the positive, new and exciting things that will be happening very soon ?

Day 377 of my blogging challenge. 

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