Recalling Timeless Memories

Time is getting muddled again. Memories pop in and out. Today I though it was Tuesday but it’s been Monday all day. How strange human memory is.

I’m sitting thinking about my day as I listen to a BBC 2 radio programme about Life on Mars by David Bowie. How time flies. My memories are all of teenage angst. This track is the anthem of my change from a child to a woman. I remember how vividly I identified with the girl with the mousey hair. The lyrics hit hard into my heart at the time. I’m fascinated that my own teenage daughter considers Life on Mars to be her teenage anthem too. The grandeur of the music and the poetry of the lyrics also hit hard into her heart. What a legacy to leave the world.

Moving on I’m now listening to Hunky Dory, the album that Life on Mars came from. So many incredible tracks. I’m thrown back to different memories of my life as a young adult. When I stop and think it’s actually longer ago than I remember. My mind tells me it’s really only yesteday. But I know there are plenty of years in between then and now. After all I’ve been a counsellor for nineteen years, done Reiki healing for seventeen, given public demonstrations of mediumship for ten and been painting Energy art for seven years. As I did my first public mediumship of 2017 tonight I thought about how far I’d come.

On the drive home, Martin Kemp discussing David Bowie, I recalled those teenage memories. What a difference the years make.

I wish I could have told me to lighten up. That life would work out ok. Just keep taking one step after another. I also wish I could have told me to do what my heart loved. Keep searching until I found my passion. Not settle for something because it was the expected and safe thing to do. Perhaps I would have also told me that teenagehood was a phase. One of many. So not to take life too seriously. Laugh a lot. Love myself a lot. And remember it’s not necessary to believe that other people know what’s best for me.

But that would have created quite another story. The memories remind me that I am what I am because of my experiences. It’s the source of my uniqueness. I’ve lived my life as a response to those things that have touched my life. I hope I keep my timeless memory. That I can step out of the here and now every so often and enjoy how I actually got to here. Time isn’t important. What matters is now. Being the best me I can be for this moment. Whether it’s Monday or Tuesday. Or any day at all.

Day 421 of my blogging challenge. 

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