Realiging Energy at Home

imageOne of the things I really enjoyed exploring is Feng Shui. This Chinese system of considering the energy of your home or workplace is said to help put us into to a positive flow. Today I have been realigning one of my rooms to enhance the best flow of energy.

My home is very precious. I’m sure that we all want to live in a nice place. A place that feels secure and comfortable. Not necessarily a place full of material things or that has cost too much. I am very fortunate to have a home that is just right for me. Yet over time the energy of my home can become a little bit worn out. Weary. Or stale. So I have been clearing the old or stuck energy from my bedroom. The rest if the house will be done next!

I’m doing it because my energy has changed over time. The energy my possessions have gathered may no longer fit with the vibration I have today. I’ve also been around other people. I’m sure that I will have picked up some of their energy and brought it home. That happens to all of us more often than we realise. Of course, if the energy has been positive I’m delighted to bring it into the house. However, not all people are giving off positive energy. More often than not they aren’t aware of their aura energy at all. I’m not blaming anyone or saying that they are in the wrong. I know that I have had days when it’s been hard to beam out the loving vibes. And I also know that there are days when I have picked up energy because I haven’t been paying attention to my own aura.

Its important to think about the impact of energy, especially in the room in your home that you sleep in. Different rooms, because they have different purposes, need different energy states.

My bedroom needs to be a calm, balanced and restful room. If I am to meet all of my commitments to doing the services Energy Beings ask for then I need to be well rested. I have noticed this year that my bed and furniture ‘feel’ out of alignment. My room is not as restful as it could be. For the last couple of months I have had the urge to move everything around. Today as I set to and shifted furniture I also had to empty things out. What a great way to see all of the stuff I’d been hanging onto. Because I could see things I no longer use. Clothes that could be recycled to charity. Items that could be gifted away to others. And those items that were broken and could be disposed of.

Interestingly, as I began moving and clearing I was reminded to get my Bagua, a ‘map’ that helps me to consider the energy flows, to have a look at what I had planned. Of course, when I got mine it was reassuring that my intuition had been directing me in the right steps all along. Continuing to listen to my intuition it was easy for me to release all those things I no longer need. A walk to one of the local charity shops with my first two donation bags felt really refreshing. Back home I rapidly filled another two bags. Already the energy was feeling like it was moving again. I still have more energy to release from my piles of books and CDs. Some are calling out to go to new places too.

Then when I am finished with my bedroom I can start to look at the other rooms in my home. After all, a change in energy is a wonderful way to acknowledge that I have changed too. Clearing the old energy will also make room for, and invite in, new energy, possibilities and choices. Just what I need!

Day 294 of my blogging challenge.

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