Readiness To Change: It’s A Big Year

readinessAt the start of this year I asked myself if I was ready. Ready for what you might wonder. I knew that the energy building from 2012 was all about our readiness to change the way we live on the planet. But that can only start from those of us ready to change ourselves.

Today that question came up again in several of the readings I was doing. It got me thinking about my readiness again. I know I haven’t always been the fastest of responders when my Guides have called for change. Even if I also knew my resistance to the changes was rather futile. Life has a way of forcing me to change eventually. Because I can’t hold back the flow of evolution. I am in a constant state of change. Moment to moment. It’s how I deal with this reality that signifies my readiness or not. I often see this in my counselling and mentoring work. People start to look at themselves but draw back because they are not actually ready to change.

Unfortunately there is no quick answer. Or magic wand. Not even a special pill to take to make the change happen. I know that I have only changed through my own willingness to look at myself and my life. Readiness is also about feeling so uncomfortable or stuck with where I am that anything is better than where I am now. And the recognition that I will do anything to get through the changes. So I understand when my Guides tell me that this year I have to persevere with making yet more changes. Especially to make sure that I gain the best possible start to the next nine years of this energy cycle.

There comes a point when readiness tips over into action. I’m at that point. But I know many people aren’t there yet. Otherwise the messages I am giving would be different. Save yourself some time. Get ready. Start the action that lets you really look deep within yourself and make changes to the way you love yourself. That is, if you want the best of this year.

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