Reaching Out

imageA lot of what I do is reaching out. When I first started to explore my intuitive psychic senses I was reaching out for answers to explain experiences that were happening to me. As each potential answer dropped in front of me, or I scrambled after it, I continued to reach out for explanations. I really do like to understand how things work. Especially if I’m going to be using them. It seemed that the more I unraveled the more there was to understand. As I reached out to follow the promptings of my questions I also found I was reaching out to other people.

I love to learn. Often I’m sure I live to learn too. Knowledge is a wonderful thing for its own sake as the questions can go on forever. Sometimes the ideas and information are so large that it takes a lot of thinking about, or better still, experiencing to really understand. And sometimes it is the tiniest of ideas that can spark the greatest changes in us. So every day I reach out to understand more about me, other people and the world. A large part of finding out is by sharing experiences with other people. Asking them what they feel or think. Discussing different viewpoints or explanations. Exploring where we are different and where we are the same. Not judging those differences or similarities but trying on, in my mind’s eye, another pair of shoes.

Being interested in other people’s shoes has been another way of reaching out. If they have had an experience that I haven’t I can listen to what happened, how they felt or thought and what they did. I can remember what choices they felt they had and how they decided what to do. That information can sit in the library in my brain until I have to deal with a similar situation for myself. Perhaps I will end up reacting or choosing differently. It doesn’t really matter. What will help is that I can recognise I’m not the only one that this experience has happened to. That creates a potential to hope for good outcomes so that I can experience whatever is happening more positively.

In another way I am also reaching out every time I do my mediumship, whether publicly or privately. I’m fortunate that reaching out to develop my abilities helped me to understand and to practice until I could offer people messages from their loved ones. A lot of those messages are informal. Words I am prompted to say when someoneĀ is lost in a confusing world, or really needs to understand something. It may be whilst we are having a coffee or saying hello in passing. Or it may be when someone asks me a question about the Spirit World. That’s when I can reach out and make a connection with the person here as well as the loved ones in Spirit. I know that those connections, the info I can pass on and the encouragement I can give will, somewhere along the line, be exactly the knowledge that was needed at that time.

The world would be a much more interesting place if we all decided to reach out. To ask why, what, how, where and when more often. To find out how it is for the other person so that we could avoid the pitfalls as much as possible. Out of interest why not replace the words ‘reaching out’ in this blog with the word ‘sharing’. Interestingly by writing about reaching out I have shared my thoughts with you. I wonder what knowledge you will take from sharing with me?

Day 177 of my blogging challenge.

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