Random acts of kindness

imageSome days stand out for all the wrong reasons. That’s when I like to challenge myself to practice random acts of kindness. I know that I aim to find as much positive in every day as I can. This is so that the energy I share with everyone else is positive too. Sharing the positive has the result of bringing the amount of positive around me up a notch or two. It may even brighten up more that those around me. I believe that our energy flows around us and in to each other. That’s why if one person is really negative a whole group of people can end up focused on negativity. The negativity gets passed on to everyone who they meet and on and on. Random acts of kindness can balance out the flow of low vibration energy being sent out for all of us to share in.

If I find myself in a lower mood, perhaps stressed or fed up or angry, I consciously look for a way to be kind to someone. Can I let another car out in front of me at a junction? How about letting someone else go in front of me at the checkout? Or smiling at the lady who is serving me in the shop? Or, perhaps my favourite one, making some time to be a listening ear to someone. Any of these things are my way of recognising I’m not giving out good energy so I’m going to find ways to change my mood. I can also give myself random acts of kindness. I can go and sit in the sunshine instead of finishing a task. Or I can spend some time reading my favourite quotes to energise myself. Or I can let the low vibration feelings have a bit of room, let them express themselves and love the part of me that is feeling that way. In the end it’s all about my choices. I can indulge the low vibrations and accept that I’m sharing them with everyone or I can work to change the way I feel and hopefully spread a nice wave of kindness around for all of us.

Randome acts of kindness are a concious act. We have to choose to share the joy, happiness, love. Yet when we do it’s amazing how many random acts of kindness we receive in return. I wonder how the world would be if every single one of us performed 5 acts of kindness every single day? Randomly being positive to ourselves and others? It could become a habit. Perhaps we would get to like it so much that we managed 10 a day the next week, then 20 and 30 each day. So much kindness going around and around the world. What a way to change our day, week, month, year. Tomorrow, no matter how you feel, try a few acts of random kindness. See if it changes your feelings, choices, actions. Then wait for the wave of kindness to come back to you. I’m certain it will.

Day 123 of my blogging challenge.

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