Raising My Vibration: Getting In The Zone

raising vibrationOne of the things that really helps with Spirit communication is raising my vibration. Today, on my rest day, I have been feeling a bit flat. So I took my self off to the local cinema to watch a feel-good movie. And it worked!

I’m typing this with one of the songs from the film running round my head. I have been to see The Greatest Showman, a film full of energy, sound and movement that has lifted my energy too. That’s what I love about being human. We are so creative in the ways that we can shift our energy states – our emotions – from low to high in an instant. I didn’t understand the importance of my energy vibration until I started to develop my mediumship by raising my vibration. My teachers and Guides helped me to see how hard it was to communicate with Energy Beings on a different vibration if I was weighed down with lost of ‘heavy’ energy. In other words, when I got lost in sadness, fear, anger or hate I dropped out of the communication system.

Yet if I filled myself up with laughter, joy, happiness and love the discussions took place very easily. Raising my energy levels became a big discipline. Because I wanted to talk to these non-physical beings as much as I could. So I listened to music that made me feel happy. I shared the laugher with my friends. I went to places that felt positive. More importantly, I started to work on releasing any low vibrational energy that I was carrying. And I lined up lots of things to help me keep on track. Like positive affirmations, books that made me laugh, photos that reminded me of great memories. Eventually I became able to get into the zone – the communication vibration – at will. Stepping easily from here to there.

Tonight’s film was a reminder for me to make sure I am raising my vibration. But not only in my work communicating with the Energy Beings. When I am filled with positive energy I attract more of it to me. I also have a connection with the Universal flow of positive energy that will allow me to bring in and pass on even more positivity. How wonderful. And how exciting that there are such enjoyable ways of picking up positive boosts.

Day 781 of my blogging challenge

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