Rainbows In The Sky: Dreams Arriving Soon

RainbowsI’ve taken a weekend off to process the recent energy surges. Ending September on a positive note, as I headed north the rainbows started to appear.

I felt that this was a signal. The gold of abundance is on it’s way in. All I have to do is keep dreaming my dreams. The last few weeks have been all about keeping faith with my dreams. But when I’m stressed or under pressure, feeling the low vibrations, and questioning everything, holding on to what I desire is difficult. That’s when I start to remind myself of rainbows. Of the pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. That luck finds those who believe they are lucky. And fortune favours the brave. I know I have to gather all of my strength and have the courage to believe in myself. But sometimes my heart is in my boots. So I have to dig a bit deeper. That’s when I really pay attention to my self-talk.

We all have inner dialogues. Mine sometimes tell me that I’m doing really great. But often it can be focused on undermining me. Because I’ve held on to all of the negative things people have said to me in the past. Or I’ve judged myself harshly and am keeping myself restricted. Seeing rainbows always gets me to notice when I’m being too critical of myself. At those times I have to remember how far I have come. And think about the new life I am going to have, full of friends, laughter and joy. Remind myself to be proud about knowing how to respect what I need in my life. And I ask my Guides to keep boosting me with positive energy.

It’s ok to feel wobbly. Rainbows remind me that I’m not falling down. I’m taking baby steps in my freedom to have my dreams manifest. I hope you see plenty of rainbows in your life too.

Day 676 of my blogging challenge 

4 thoughts on “Rainbows In The Sky: Dreams Arriving Soon

  1. Thank you Karen. I hope my blogs can help people get through the tough times by knowing they are not on their own 💜

  2. Annie
    It was so
    Great meeting you on the mindie Burgoyne Thin places tour and seeing first hand what a powerful teacher you are
    Thank you for this post

  3. Hi Kath, I had a wonderful time meeting all of you & sharing the experience of the land. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog post & I hope we can meet again one day soon 💜

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