Rain makes Flowers grow

imageIt’s been a very wet day. Lots of cloud and rain. Time to stay around our base and be creative.

I love the smell of damp grass and trees. I also enjoy being outside when it rains. The freshness feels good. Yet on some days, when the rain is non stop, I also like to stay indoors. Letting the rain pass me by so to speak. Using the ‘restriction’ the rain creates to do my own creating. I haven’t meditated for a few days so I felt the build up of ‘stuff’ yet to be shifted. Deciding not to venture out gave me the opportunity of an hour to meditate instead.

Going into that inner space always brings me much to think about. I have a chance to step back and be an observer in my own life. When I return from the inside I often find I’m inspired to draw something here on the outside to clarify what I’ve discovered. Or I find it’s time to write a blog. Or a poem. I also come back with things to work on too. Life is about experiences. Sometimes the experiences I have aren’t pleasant. Going into my inner space gives me a chance to try to understand what I’m being asked to notice about the process of my life.

Living a spiritual life, not just talking about it, represents a state of constant awareness for me.

Just like the rain is a natural function of clouds, as these are a natural function of atmospheric currents, I feel a natural function of being here is acting in accordance with what I believe. To do that I have to be aware of what I believe is a spiritual life. Then I also have to be aware of bringing that belief into the actions I choose. Only by reflection before and after taking action can I align myself with spirituality in word and deed. And it’s very easy to think or speak the words but not to live by them.

That’s also why the idea of an unfolding flower appeals to me. In the Buddhist tradition the chakras are viewed as lotus flowers. As I unfold my petals, becoming aware of my Divine connections to everything that exists, I am blossoming. A bit of rain, the emotional challenge to my spiritual beliefs, will help me grow. The more I work at being all that I am the bigger the blossom I find. So letting the experiences of life guide me to be more me is a great way to spend some time.

Day 256 my blogging challenge.

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