A Quiet Moment of Calm

imageSome times days stand out because they are quiet. I like it when I have space to relax and take it easy.

It’s a holiday weekend. My town has been busy as people take the opportunity to have an extra day off work. I have had a chance to sit quietly in the Centre. After a busy week I have welcomed the chance for some peace and quiet. I know that I need to step out of the busy, busy, busy energy every now and again. It’s too easy for me to keep doing and doing. Yet having time to myself, to do something that relaxes me, is very important.

In one period of my life I would have felt very guilty to be taking time away from work or busy-ness. At another period I would have been trying to distract myself from a life that felt out of control. And I also know that at certain points in my life being quiet, being with myself, was scary. Yet now the quiet moments always help me to feel calm. I know I am grounded because I can enjoy the peaceful flow of energy. In these moments I can be free of having to do, say or be any other way. There are no expectations being placed on me. Not even my own. Quiet moments are the spaces where I can switch off the thoughts and feelings. My attention can wander freely wherever it wishes.

As I sat listening to the music on the CD, or reading my new book, or gazing at the cloudy sky I stepped out of time.

That’s another thing I notice about being quiet. I had no idea what time it was. Several hours melted away unnoticed. How wonderful to stop time for a while. To remove myself from the pressure of time passing. Or from having to pass time. When that happens my Guides tell me it’s the closest we can get to understanding the Afterlife in this life. Everything is now for the Spirit World. My loved ones are so occupied by what is happening now that past and future cease to exist. I like the idea that I can experience a sort of nowness that is similar to their experiences after the have died. It makes me feel that they aren’t so far away after all.

In my quiet moments I can be more alongside my loved ones. Best of all, they can be more alongside me. I am giving them space to sit with me, share with me and be with me on their terms. It may have been a quiet, calm day yet I know it was full of companionship, love and laughter too.

Day 287 of my blogging challenge.

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