Questions, questions, questions

imageThe theme for today seems to have been questions. There is a line in a Johnny Nash song ‘there are more questions than answers, but the more I find out the less I know’ that fits with what has been happening. I have always been someone who asked a lot of questions. Not to be difficult or challenging. I’ve always wanted to know stuff. Like what makes people tick. Like why do we stress differences rather than similarities. Or why we have to be here in the first place. And did the dinosaurs really exist. Each time I ask what about this, why that and how does it work I also have a question floating in the background. One of my biggest questions has always been ‘who says so?’ I’m not very good at accepting some of the half answers either. ‘Because’ doesn’t work for me. Nor does ‘everybody does it this way’. Or ‘that’s the way it always is’.

It’s really wonderful that part of my spiritual path seems to be encouraging others to ask questions too. When I do mediumship and the evedidence is coming in I love that people wonder ‘how did she do that’. When Guides step in close (because they want to prompt someone to understand how to manifest a better world) I enjoy asking the questions that get someone thinking of positive ways to do that. When an energy imbalance has created dis-ease for someone I am grateful that I can ask the questions that might point them in a new direction so that they can regain balance. And if someone has returned to the Spirit World it’s my priveledge to help their loved ones get answers to questions like ‘has all the pain gone’, ‘are they safe & ok’ and ‘will I see them again’. Asking questions can bring so much positive energy for all of us.

Yet perhaps the biggest challenge is also learning when not to ask questions. Again, as the song says, the more I find out the less I know. Some things have to be experienced, lived through, to be understood. It’s the actual experience that provides answers (& probably lots more questions) so too many questions might get in the way of letting the situation unfold. In a way this brings us right back to doubt, fear and comfort zones. When we are developing intuition & mediumship it’s easy to want to know everything all in one go so we can get connected. Going for a reading or getting a message from Spirit we are also tempted to want specific answers because we have certain questions that help us to believe our loved ones are there. We also use questions as a way of getting the answer we really want to hear so we feel reassured to follow a course of action we wanted to do all along. In the end we might find we know way less than we hoped and still have a long list of questions holding us back from taking action.

My Guides have always said only ask a question when you are ready to hear the answer and act on it. I have found this to be a better way of questioning myself, my life and my spiritual path. It has enabled me to step outside of questioning everything I do. Yet I still have the freedom to question as much as I like if I want to. Today as I reflected on the questions people asked me I saw that what I was giving back were not hard & fast, solid answers. They were promts to encourage more questions, more action, more reflection in others. How lovely to share in being open minded, having the freedom to ask & answer and to arrive at a different point from which to view the experiences that life brings us. As the song says ‘what is life, how do we live, what should we take and how much should we give.’ I guess I will spend my lifetime looking for the answers.

Day 157 of my blogging challenge.

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