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imageI love it when people ask questions. I know they are not really asking me. They are asking for guidance and their Guides are only too happy to make sure I have the answers. After all I’ve been a Spiritual Counsellor for nearly 20 years.

Finding the best person to help you when you are ready to explore your intuitive senses is really important. Just as with your Guides, there has to be a relationship of trust and authenticity. I know that as I worked my way through the questions I had about intuition and psychic senses there were big shifts as I healed myself. I was fortunate that my Guides pointed out the best people who could help me find the answers. My teachers also encouraged me to move on to the next question too.

That’s how I worked my way through understanding how it all works. Of course my Guides had also pointed me to experiences that I now see were helpful in answering my queries in later life. No wonder I loved crystals, became a therapeutic counsellor then a spiritual counsellor. My fascination with Tarot, astrology, crystals, sacred geometry, pendulums, runes, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, shamanism and so much more built brick upon brick towards new answers.

My latest question is about the shift in alignment that is currently taking place within all of us. How to we make the most of this new opportunity to express our energy in a different way?

The Earth is repositioning her masculine core and feminine outer layer. There is a rebalancing of these energies going on to bring in much more feminine energy. We are all having to do the same. Men are having to rediscover their emotional nature and women are having to rediscover their logic. It’s exciting but it’s also a challenge. We are being pushed to find new ways of relating to each other, to self-heal and to rediscover the positive of surrounding ourselves with loving energies. It will be quite a journey.

Now is the time to use all the psychic tools, crystals and oracle cards. I know that my intuition is being boosted by the rebalancing while my thinking is much clearer too. Looking for the signs and symbols I can use synchronicities as signposts for my journey. This will help me to decide if I need to do more or less of this or that. If I keep the question of how to balance my energies in the front of my mind I know I will travel to the best place for me to be.

It’s good to know that I won’t be doing it on my own. As well as sharing this time of change with everyone else on the planet we are also being helped by the Energy Beings around us.

I know that we have so much help from non-physical beings. You don’t have to believe in them or even be aware that they are there. However, they are doing all they can to support you and me to make good choices. To make positive changes and get into balance. If I change then the energy of the Earth shifts again by a fraction. If a lot of us change there is a much bigger shift into positive alignment. Notice when you are being nudged. Let your intuition be your sat nav. I wish we could wake up in the morning and find a wonderful world. It hasn’t happened today. Perhaps we aren’t asking enough questions yet. But I know one day it will.

Day 278 of my blogging challenge. 

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