Psychic Vampire? People Who Pull Energy

vampireI had a conversation today about being a psychic vampire. This rather unfortunate name is given to people who drain others of their energy. Perhaps you know one?

So what is a psychic vampire and what do I do to deal with them? I know that everyone has natural psychic ability. An intuitive understanding of the energy world we live in. That gut instinct that has prompted me many times. And which I have successfully ignored on a number of occasions. To many times to mention actually. What I didn’t understand until I started to develop my mediumship was that my aura was wide open. I had no boundaries to my energy field so it was easy for other people to pull my positive energy into their aura instead. Leaving me with their low vibrational energy. I was also astounded to find that I was a psychic vampire too.

Because unless we learn about the energy world we continually trade energy without realising how we are impacting others. Or how they might be impacting us. I know that being able to ‘read’ the energy of someone’s aura is a way we were intended to communicate. When I read an aura I know if someone is being authentic or not. Their energy will signal to mine. By the way, that is also how communicating with non-physical energy beings works. All day, every day I can read the energy around me. Not so that that I can pull positive energy towards me. But because connecting with people is an energy exchange. Just like a conversation is about sharing words. An energy exchange shares thoughts and feelings.

Think about it. I know people who meet me and go away feeling much brighter and better. That’s because I make sure to give them a blast of positive energy. Yet until I understood energy I often felt drained.

Most of these people, unknowingly, are psychic vampires. Only because they want to feel better. So their aura energy looks for a positive top up. Once I understood this I worked with my Guides to make sure that I was channelling positive energy from the Universe instead of from me personally. Now I don’t feel drained any more. But I also had to work on my own issue – how I was pulling energy from other people. Some days I just need a hug. Or a kind word. Those days when I have slipped into low vibrational feelings and my mood is heavy. Or my fear is in charge of my ability to cope with life.

At those times I used to find people I could chat to for a while. Then I would go away feeling great. I’m not so sure I left them feeling great though. I had grabbed a load of energy from them. Once I realised that I started to notice how open my aura was. And how I let it get cluttered up with all sorts of energy. I began to deal with my thoughts and feelings on the spot so to speak. I learned to say what I was feeling and thinking then and there. Perhaps not in the best ways to begin with. Because it’s amazing how frightened we can all be about telling things like they really are. I also worked on healing myself in all sorts of ways so that I had less need for other peoples positive energy.

And I decided to tackle my vampire tendency by setting myself firm boundaries. By being clear when it was ok to seek a positive uplift and when not.

By balancing my own need for positive energy with the opportunity to connect with healing energy through my Reiki I am able to keep my own energy field mostly positive. Of course I have wobbles. That’s part of being human. But I resist the impulse to reach out for the energy of someone else to boost me. I ask my Guides for help. Or I sit and meditate. Sometimes I visualise a flow of beautiful orange energy pouring into me. And I love to share the flow of positive energy. So I welcome people who need a boost. They will get healing energy along with a listening ear.

I will also try to encourage them to deal with their own energy needs. By not talking any of their low vibrational energy away. I believe if I have created low energy for myself then it’s my responsibility to clean up my act. Perhaps they can benefit from meditation, or learning about their aura or having some mentoring support until the reasons for the low energies have been resolved. That’s the final thing I’ve learned about being a psychic vampire. Positive energy pulled from someone else is a bit like junk food. Satisfying in the moment but leaving me wanting more. The reason for the ‘hunger’ hasn’t been addressed through my quick fix.

So perhaps it’s time we all owned up to being psychic vampires. But I’m a vampire who has signed a pledge. I have committed to sharing as much positivity as I can without pulling it from other people. What’s your pledge?

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