Protection is more than a Crystal or Two

There’s so much talk about ‘protection’. I need more of it, so many people need more of it. It’s something I have had to get my head around. Yesterday I had another conversation about it.. But what’s it REALLY about?

Do we need to get into loads of fear around it? ..always have our bra stuffed with protective stones.. or else!!? What does it MEAN when we need protection? A therapist and healer (whom I respect) said to me once, ‘Oh such a big deal is made out of it’. Okay I thought, all the while looking at the huge obsidian ball on the windowsill, to help balance the energy coming from the pylon outside! I think I understand what was meant. We create these ‘issues’ around things through fear, but only because we don’t understand them.. but who wants these issues? I don’t.

I’d say that the need for ‘protection’ in this context is about maintaining healthy boundaries. Making sure that in the natural energy exchange that happens in everyday interactions, we don’t come off worse.. so that we are less drained and depleted by situations or people we engage with daily. So how do we get past the issue to the nitty gritty? What can we practically do? A conclusion from my current experience is.. a lot of self-reflection and questioning. Through developing the necessary self-awareness around energy exchange and boundaries, which comes over time. Wearing crystals helps, but they are not the ‘pill’ which you can take that sorts the problem out.

Having protective stones can work wonders, in so many ways. They are practical and something I use on a day to day basis and recommend ALL THE TIME to people who ask me about protection. But what about the deeper ways in which you can leave yourself ‘unprotected’ or literally ‘leak’ your energy, which results in depletion? I’m sharing a few questions I’ve found useful to ask myself..they bring up more questions of course.. I’ve found them a good starting point for realising where the boundaries are less than healthy. Have you any insight to share?

Where do I try to fix, when it’s not possible or necessary to fix?
Where do people give me responsibility for their choices and decisions?
Where do I choose to take on responsibility that’s not mine? ..enabling others not to
Who do I give my energy to freely, where it’s not reciprocated?
Who is always happy to receive but never chooses to give?
Who expects or demands my time and energy but doesn’t reciprocate?
Who do I choose to give a little too much of my energy to? at the expense of myself
Where do I look to other people for approval? ..leaving myself open to the world, their opinions and judgements!

As the awarenesses come to light and my inner boundaries become gradually better, I’m easier if I find myself without my crystals (usually black tourmaline or labradorite), as they are there just to assist.

This is a guest blog by Natalie Seager who took part in Annie Conboy’s Inspired 2 Write 28 Day Challenge. Well done Natalie.

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