Projects And Plans: Going With Intuitive Timing

projectsI always seem to have a project on the go. In fact I usually have at least half a dozen projects demanding my time and energy. That’s why I love my Passion Planner so much. It’s really helps me be organised. But I’ve noticed something interesting by keeping track of my time. Things tend to happen in intuitive timing.

I’m a trained project and programme manager. That means I am used to keeping an eye on several projects at once. I’m also used to setting off any new venture with a project plan. Sorting out the tasks I have to do, what resources I will need and setting a completion date. Projects rarely stick to the rigid plans I make at the beginning. I always expect the unexpected because it’s the most expected thing likely to happen. It’s not surprising that my planner has a lot of amendments. And that each project moves up and down a priority list many times.

However, what is at the top of my list at any given time is a guess. Because I have a plan. But somehow my projects have a sense of timing all their own. I’ve started to recognise that action happens when it’s exactly the right moment for me to focus on one particular project. Then I’m swiftly moved onto another. Of course I can get a bit grumpy with my Guides about all of the shifting about. Especially when they change the emphasis overnight. Or take a hand in blocking a project until I have finished what they want me to do for them. In project management speak they are stakeholders in all of the spiritual work I do. So they feel that they have a big say in what happens.

I have learned to juggle my projects, alter my plans and follow their lead. Because it always works out brilliantly. I find myself where I need to be, when I need to be dealing with what is important at that moment. Not only for me. But for many other people too. When I sit down to check in with my planner tonight I know that what is written in there could all change tomorrow morning. Yet I love it. For a structure person I’m really getting into the intuitive creative flow!

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