Powerful Connections

imageSometimes we forget how powerful we are when we join forces with others. Today I’ve been to Leeds, Bradford and Halifax on three different journeys. Each has involved connecting with the energy of others. Each journey and meeting has had a positive impact on my experiences of the day. My first trip was to meet with a group of Visionary Women so that we could work together in increasing our self awareness, discover our purpose more fully and release any limitations we have been placing on ourselves. Having the courage to look at yourself whilst in the company of others can be hard. We are all used to wearing masks. Of avoiding what our true thoughts and feelings might be. Working in a supportive group is important if we want to get some insight into how we are in the world. Or to challenge the choices we have been making for our life. I came away from the meeting with lots of new insights, some info about how I see myself and some practical steps to take to help me remove any barriers in my way.

The trip to Bradford was to drop my daughter off at something she was doing. It gave me a chance, whilst waiting for her, to write some more in one of my journals. I keep several note books so that I can write down whatever is floating in my mind. This is a powerful way to connect to my inner world. As I write I try not to read (or edit). I focus on letting the pen move across the page, on turning to a fresh page and on clearing my mind of anything that might be clutter. Each note book relates to a different aspect of my life or to a challenge I may be dealing with. When I’ve finished writing I sometimes read what is there. Often I don’t. For me the thoughts and feelings have gone into the page. They are free and so am I. Occasionally I go back to read what I’ve written but that tends to be when enough time has passed for the subject of the note book to have lost it’s energy in my life.

My last trip, to Halifax, was to give a talk about connecting to energy beings. I love doing talks and the New Directions Group is one I’ve visited quite a few times. Helping people to connect to the powerful guidance they can experience from their Guide Team is a wonderful passion in my life. I love to teach, my Guides love to teach and connecting with their higher energies can bring much love, healing and comfort. I’m also a firm believer that everyone has psychic senses and the intuitive ability to connect with all sorts of Energy Beings. Showing people how to begin making the connections is important as there is so much misinformation around and people get confused. Opening up a discussion or giving people the step by step way of beginning the connections is a great way to encourage more connections. It’s also a powerful confirmation of what they have experienced in the past but might never have had confirmed. Nearly everyone was able to sense one or more of their Guide Team so I hope to have prompted more attempts at connection by members of the group.

When we connect with who we really are, take that authentic self out in public and work to connect with others (whether physically here or not) we are building a sense of belonging. That sense of belonging to something bigger or greater than ourself is the foundation of recognising we are all one community. If we have the will to go further than humanity we can find the powerful community of Energy Beings. Experiencing the world from this widest of viewpoints may make us question why we aren’t more loving, peaceful, kinder to each other. It might be the great push we need to start making the changes in ourselves that build a more cohesive, loving and compassionate world. That would be a day’s journeying well spent!

Day 183 of my blogging challenge.

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