Powered Down: Taking A Trip Without Technology

powered downI escaped today to my little retreat place. Being organised I brought everything I thought I would need. Nothing left behind or forgotten. Until I got here and found that I had two charging leads. And no charging plug. Or any way to recharge my phone or computer. So I powered down the technology. And spent a night without it.

Of course being powered down meant I couldn’t get my blog uploaded to the website. Or shared on my social media. Nor could I surf the internet or play any games. Nor could I read the book I’ve just started on my Kindle app. I decided that I had really been powered down by leaving the plug behind. And perhaps I needed to be focused on my retreat instead of the wide world that is accessible from my devices. But it still felt very strange to watch TV and not also scan my emails, comments or have message conversations. I was really reminded that I multi task a lot nowadays. Perhaps that is a good thing. But not when something actually needs my full focus.

Like my Guides. And what they had to say about my trip the next day to meet a lovely friend who was over visiting this country. I decided that they had powered me down so that I would pay attention to what the energy was all about. My energy was certainly full of old and irritating thoughts. Random worries that no longer fit into my life. Past echoes that I thought had actually been dissolved a while ago. But when I powered down I could actually see they were still with me. Even if much reduced. I knew it was time to have a bit of a chat with myself. And not with the technology. Which had also succeeded in locking me out of my bank account. But with that part of me that still expects life to be hard or difficult. The bit that thinks things will go wrong.

And struggles to trust enough. That is the reason I was powered down. To notice my self-sabotage. And to get me deal with it. I’m sure it will all sort itself out. My technology will do what is necessary for me whilst I am away from the charging plug. And tomorrow will be a great day!


Day 895 of my blogging challenge

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